Dom Space

Last Updated: March 28, 2017

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Definition - What does Dom Space mean?

Dom space is an intense, altered state of consciousness that a dominant person may feel during a BDSM scene. Dom space is for dominants in the BDSM community what sub space is for submissives. After Dom space subsides, it’s common for dominants to feel an emotional and physical lull known as Dom drop.

Dom space is also sometimes called top space. It can also be written dom-space and domspace.

Kinkly explains Dom Space

There has been little formal research on dom-space, but people who’ve experienced it say it can feel like being high on drugs, with amplified sensations and a feeling as if you’re out of your body. People also report they have an enhanced sense of intuition and a stronger, more intimate connection with their partners. It’s easy for people to lose track of time and the world around them while in dom space.

While dom space is often compared to its submissive equivalent Subspace, it’s a little different. Dominant partners must stay in control during a BDSM scene, so that they can be sensitive to safe words and other signs their partners are not comfortable or enjoying themselves. However, there is still a kind of letting go that dominants can feel. This tends to be a letting go of the outside world, which channels the focus towards the submissive in a hyper-intense way.

Some people say there are different levels of dom space, and that dominants feel some level of dom space every time they play with a submissive partner. However, most people believe there is just one dom space which not all dominant people get to experience.

There is no magic formula for experiencing dom space. However, shifting into a dominant headspace can make entering dom space more likely. Practicing rituals prior or during BDSM play and only playing with trusted partners can also help. Relaxing and focusing on the moment, rather than chasing the altered state, is also conducive to entering dom space.

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