Last Updated: March 30, 2020

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Definition - What does Sexorcism mean?

A sexorcism is a sex act designed to extract a demon or evil spirits from a person’s body. A sexorcism is typically a rough sexual encounter. The term is a portmanteau of the words sex and exorcism, the latter being a ritual designed to drive an evil entity out of the body.

Kinkly explains Sexorcism

People may attempt sexorcisms if they feel they or their partners have been possessed by spirits. For example, in Shanghai a man reportedly had sex with his girlfriend’s mother, who he claimed was possessed by the evil spirit of her late husband. He suggested this spirit was making the woman depressed and causing other health complaints. This man claimed that she would only rid herself of this evil presence by having sex with a younger man such as himself.

While some people genuinely believe sexorcisms can truly drive evil spirits from the body, the term isn’t always strictly used in this sense. It may also be used in a more colloquial term to describe sex acts that seem so intense that they could theoretically drive away evil spirits. For example, there was a case in the United States where someone left a note on a neighbor’s door accusing them of having a “sexorcism” after hearing loud sexual noises one night.

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