Over-the-Top Position

Updated: AUGUST 9, 2021
Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on May 24, 2021

For those pursuing a new way to approach penetrative anal sex, we recommend the Over-the-Top Position. It’s not only a unique way to enjoy this sexual activity but additionally provides a wide range of excitement benefits as well.

Beginning Over-the-Top Position involves the penetrating person sitting on a chair or low table. When they’re ready, their partner then sits on their lap, so they’re penetrated. An excellent way to maintain control and balance is to put their hands on the penetrating person’s thighs. This position might be great for full-time wheelchair users whose partners are able-bodied or have varying degrees of ability.

To aid in the penetrating part of this position, both people can employ their backs, legs, and even arms--as in pulling someone closer or gently pushing them back--to speed things up, slow them down, or reduce or increase how much is going where.


Though the depth of penetration may be somewhat limited as opposed to something like doggy-style, the Over-the-Top Position gives both the receiver and giver myriad means to alter the angle and speed mutually. Emphasis on mutual, as the Over-the-Top Position is the dictionary definition of a shared erotic experience. Again, this can be ideal for those new anal sex penetration or who want a more slow, sensual time with their partner.


More About Over-the-Top Position

In essence, the Over-the-Top Position turns penetrative anal sex upside down by forgoing the usual from-behind position and replaces it with both individuals facing each other. It allows for novel sensations while allowing everyone to see, and therefore understand, what they’re feeling.

As the Over-the-Top Position needs both parties involved to hold themselves in a certain way for it to work, those with pain issues, muscle spasms, or complex disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, in addition to different body types, feel free to make it your own by changing everything from where you do it to how either of you approaches the position. We can certainly see a wheelchair user trying this position with a partner because they don’t have to try and change positions!

A face-to-face connection can make anal sex, especially for beginners, more comfortable while providing it with a natural feeling of intimacy. The ability for couples to stimulate each other with hands or sex toys boosts the excitement for both.

A good idea if Over-the-Top Position proves to be challenging is to try it on a bed, perhaps bolstered by pillows, or with the giver or receiver’s back against a wall or other firm surface if it doesn’t cause any discomfort.


When all’s said and done, the Over-the-Top Position provides anal penetrative play with that essential part of any good sexual interaction: communication. With its ability to see and hear each other, this position can do wonders to help make this type of play extra exciting and comfortable.

Teamwork is a necessary skill to have in your arsenal for sex, and making the most of this position is no exception. Achieving the right balance together with your partner is going to be the key to nailing this position. But remember, if disability, chronic pain, or anything else impedes trying this position, talk to each other about other ways you can explore anal play together.

Intimacy is achieved through close body contact. Seeing your playmate from a new angle only adds to the stimulation that comes with trying something new—the cooperation involved in making a new position work to reinforce a solid sexual bond.

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