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Back Off Position

Updated: MARCH 14, 2023
Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on March 6, 2023
Get ready for a core workout with the Back Off sex position! Great for experimenting with deep penetration and g-spot/p-spot stimulation, the Back Off sex position isn't one most couples can sustain for a long time -- but the benefits are in its novelty!

Back Off Sex Position. The penetrating partner lays flat on the ground, face up. The receiving partner sits on top of the penetrating partner's lap, placing their feet near their knees, and leans back to achieve penetration. Both partners grasp hands for stability.

To get into the Back Off Position, the penetrating partner should lay flat on a supportive, soft surface. As a lot of weight will be placed on the penetrating partner's hips, this position may not be a good fit for the floor. The receiving partner then sits on top of the penetrating partner's hips for intercourse with their feet extended towards the penetrating partner's head. Both partners interlock fingers to provide support and stability as the receiving partner leans their upper body backwards.


More About Back Off Position

Everything about the Back Off sex position relies on core strength. To get the angle shown in the Back Off position, the receiving partner will need to lean back into a sustain this core hold. For the penetrating partner on the bottom, they'll likely need to crunch forward in order to grip their partner's hands to provide stability.

This also means protecting your core (and backs!) is of vital importance during the Back Off position. Overextending your core or back while trying to sustain this position can lean to an unwanted sex injury. Instead, consider the Back Off position a temporary sex position and be ready and willing to slide into a different sex position as soon as bodies are starting to tire. Bracing the core muscles is vital to protect your body in this position; if form starts to fall, it's time to move onto a new position.

Luckily, there are a number of great sex position choices to explore coming out of the Back Off position, like the:


More About Back Off Position

  • Crab Position.

  • Deckchair Position.

  • Double Decker Position.

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  • High Dive Position.

  • Good Spread Position.

  • Ship Position .

  • Don't be afraid to stop this sex position early if you're finding your hands beginning to slip due to sweat. A sturdy, secure grip is vital for keeping the required angles in the Back Off position -- and an unexpected grip slip will place both partners at risk of head injuries. Avoid this at all costs. We would not recommend this position for anyone who has complex disabilities.


    Despite the associated risks, don't think the Back Off sex position is entirely out of reach. Some modifications can help make this position more accessible to everyone. First, as shown, gripping hands together provides a sturdy counter-balance to help relieve some of the core strength required.

    You can also turn to sex furniture. A Liberator Wedge propped up underneath the penetrating partner's shoulders will nearly eliminate all of the core strength required. A large piece of sex furniture, like the Esse Chaise or Equus Wave, can also be a fantastic fit for the receiving partner to lean up against to rest weary muscles.

    Don't forget about the furniture around your home, either. If the penetrating partner's ankles are straddling a sturdy piece of furniture (like the end of a couch), the receiving partner can lean their upper back against the sturdy piece of furniture to relieve the strain from their core muscles.

    Walls can be handy too! If you're lucky enough to have a wide hallway, both partners may be able to lay down and rest their upper backs against the wall to pull off this position -- no core strength required.


    Changes in body angles can also help. The penetrating partner can bend at the knees and place their feet flat on the floor. This gives the receiving partner a "platform" on which to rest their back for additional support.

    If that isn't honoring your bodies as they are today, don't forget about simply having the receiving partner lean forward into a standard rider-on-top position. This instantly relieves the strain on both partners and takes you into a sex position that feels familiar for most. There's no reason to stay in a sex position if it isn't making you feel empowered!

    The opportunity for full, up-and-down thrusts will be minimal with the Back Off sex position. As neither partner's legs are in a good place to provide strong upward momentum, most people will find a grinding motion works best with the Back Off sex position. The receiving partner can slide their full body back and forth on top of the penetrating partner (if that isn't uncomfortable for the penetrating partner!), or the receiving partner can work with a small flick of the hips to provide slight movement during the position.

    Depending on the upper body angle you're able to achieve -- and the penetrating partner's penis/strap-on angle -- the Back Off sex position can be a great fit for prostate or g-spot stimulation. Experiment with angles to find the best spot for you. For example, the receiver's upper body angle can be increased or decreased, the angle at which the receiver's knees bend can be increased or decreased and/or you can experiment with the receiver's exact placement on top of the penetrating partner. Sitting closer to the penetrating partner's thighs or abs can also place the penis in a different spot for pleasure.

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