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The Clean and Jerk Position

Updated: JUNE 28, 2021

The clean and jerk position is an ambitious anal sex position - and a great opportunity to turn some teamwork into some serious top-heavy lifting. This position is also visually stunning to watch, should you and your playmate happen to have a full length mirror just lying around!

Clean and Jerk Sex position. One partner lying on his back on top of the other partner, also on his back.

To get into this position, find a comfortable surface - the bed or carpeted living room floor will work - just avoid those bathroom tiles and dining room floorboards at all costs! The partner on the bottom will need to throw a decent amount of upper body strength into the works, bend those knees, and firmly plant his feet on the ground to get as much thrust as possible.


More About The Clean and Jerk Position

While the partner on the bottom is doing most of the work, the receiving partner should hold his body up using a reverse push-up motion in order to support some of his weight; placing their legs up on their partner's knees is going to enable some waist-thrusting of his own as well, allowing for more penetration.

Teamwork is key in a challenging sex position. So start slow, pay attention and don't be afraid to communicate while you're fine-tuning this one.

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