Pony Gear

Last Updated: March 23, 2020

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Definition - What does Pony Gear mean?

Pony gear is equipment used for pony play, a role playing activity enjoyed by some couples, particularly those in the BDSM community. Pony gear helps people interested in pony play act out their roles of ponies and their trainers. Saddles, bits, and bridles are all examples of pony gear.

Pony gear is also called pony tack or pony equipment.

Kinkly explains Pony Gear

Pony gear typically resembles the gear used on real horses and ponies, although it is usually modified for human use. In addition, some pony gear such as horse head masks, latex bodysuits, and tails are items used for pony play. They aren't required, but they can help role players get into character.

The amount of pony gear that couples involved in pony play own and use varies significantly. Many couples feel pony gear enhances their pony play, while others feel they can get by without this paraphernalia. Trainers with this belief may prefer to ride their “ponies” bareback without a halter or bridles, for example. Couples who are new to pony play may like to purchase just a few pieces of pony gear at first to see whether they feel these accessories appeal to them. A number of online retailers specialize in pony gear.

The type of pony gear a couple chooses may also depend on the style of pony play they refer. Humans that pretend they are forced into living as a pony may require restraints, such as bits, bridles, and wrist restraints. Humans that play as wild ponies may use less pony gear.

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