Forced Oral

Last Updated: May 8, 2017

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Definition - What does Forced Oral mean?

Forced oral is a sex act where one person makes another person perform oral sex. The dominant person in this scenario typically holds the head of their submissive and forces the penis or vagina into the submissive’s mouth.

Forced oral is often called forced oral sex. It is important to note that in D/s relationships, 'forced' scenarios are negotiated beforehand. Permission is given for this type of activity before it occurs. The submissive still has every right to stop the scene at any time. Using a safe word is key.

Kinkly explains Forced Oral

Forcing another person to have oral sex against their will is a type of sexual assault unless their is permission to engage in this behavior as previously discussed.

Forced oral role playing is common for BDSM couples, where the dominant pretends to force the submissive to perform oral sex. While the submissive pretends to be under duress, this role play is consensual and involves both parties suspending their reality.

Forced oral is also a common activity in pornographic films. While the participants, usually actresses, pretend to be forced to perform oral sex, they have also agreed to their part.

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