Last Updated: March 4, 2016

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Definition - What does Buggywhip mean?

Buggywhip is a term for a type of whip that is used in BDSM scenes for flogging another person or for self-flagellation. A buggywhip is a single thong whip, similar in design to a bullwhip, snake whip, or stock whip. It has a tough, rigid core and a flexible cracker at its end. It gets its name because it is similar in design to the whips once used to drive horses-drawn buggies.

The name buggywhip is sometimes written as two words: buggy whip. A buggywhip may also be called a coachwhip.

Kinkly explains Buggywhip

Buggywhips are most commonly used by dominant individuals to punish their submissive partners or to demonstrate their power and control. In the hands of an experienced dominant, a buggywhip can create a range of sensations, from light sensual caresses to intense pain.

People can also whip themselves with a buggywhip. This activity, called self-flagellation, can help a submissive achieve sexual gratification without a dominant partner.

Buggywhips, like all single-thong whips, are capable of causing serious injury if not correctly used. The longer the buggywhip, the greater the force of its contact and the more difficult it is to control. Buggywhips should only be used by experienced dominants who have practiced using the particular whip on inanimate objects.

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