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Updated: MAY 1, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on April 29, 2022

Procasterbating refers to putting off productive tasks in favor of masturbation. This slang term combines the terms "procrastination" and "masturbation." The term first appeared in Urban Dictionary in 2005.

The urge to masturbate comes naturally for many people, and is an activity that people use to combat loneliness, boredom and stress. Masturbating only becomes procasterbating when the costs outweigh the benefits. Even so, a little stress relief could be argued to improve productivity!


More About Procrasterbating

Procrastination is typically considered a negative thing, as it involves postponing tasks that need to be done, which can often lead to increased stress over the long term. Research suggests that people procrastinate to delay the negative emotions that can come with stressful tasks, such as completing a school assignment, filing taxes or doing household chores.

It makes sense the masturbation might be combined with procrastination. Masturbation has been shown to reduce stress and release stress-reducing hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine.

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