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Pregnancy Fetish

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2020

A pregnancy fetish is when pregnant women are viewed as erotic phenomenons. Those with a pregnancy fetish find pregnant women sexually attractive. This attraction is unique to each person and extends to several stages and experiences of pregnancy such as breast lactation, impregnation, and childbirth. Sometimes, there are fantasies surrounding the circumstances of childbirth, the behavior of pregnant women, and the stage of impregnation. There is a fascination behind the arousal and gratification of impregnating someone through sex. Men and women who experience pregnancy fetish find themselves incredibly drawn to the pregnant woman's shape and body changes. Alternatively, another perspective on the pregnancy fetish is when a woman finds thrill and obsession over getting and being pregnant.

More About Pregnancy Fetish

Pregnancy fetish is an attraction and arousal by the various stages of pregnancy. From a partner's perspective, the body shape and process of pregnancy is highly desirable. Lactation and drinking breast milk could be viewed as sexually arousing to many people. Additionally, pregnant women are often depicted as maternal, caring, and nurturing. There are several psychological and personal reasons as to why people have fetishes. An alternative definition is when women become addicted to getting and being pregnant.


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