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The Camel Style Position

Definition - What does The Camel Style Position mean?

The Camel Style position is a face-to-face sexual position. In this position, the woman lies on her side. Her male partner straddles her outstretched leg to enter her.

The Camel Style position has many other names including the Pretzel, the Pretzel Dip, and the Camel Ride. Having sex in this position is also called Camelstyle.

Kinkly explains The Camel Style Position

To prepare for the Camel Style position, the woman lies down on her side. She keeps one leg outstretched and the other leg raised and either wrapped around her partner’s waist or to her side. Her kneeling male partner straddles her outstretched leg and enters her. He often supports her other leg with his hand while thrusting.

The Camel Style position is very popular with women as it gives the deep penetration of doggy style with the intimacy of face-to-face contact. It also doesn’t give them the back pain of many rear-entry positions. Men also appreciate the ease with which they can set the rhythm in this position.

To vary the position, the man might try manually stimulating his partner’s clitoris while he enters her. He might also withdraw his penis and use it to tease her clitoris before re-entering her.

While this position is traditionally performed by heterosexual couples, it can be adapted for gay partnerships and lesbians using strap-ons.

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