Last Updated: February 10, 2020

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Definition - What does Drilldo mean?

A drilldo is a makeshift sex toy made up of a dildo mounted on a hand-held drill. This sex toy’s name is a portmanteau of the different objects. The dildo component of a drilldo rotates, as a drill bit would, to provide a unique, more intense sensation than using a traditional dildo.

Kinkly explains Drilldo

Unlike a traditional dildo, which is often used in solo play, a drilldo is typically used by couples. One person holds the drill part of the drilldo while the other receives it in either their vagina or anus.

As it’s suitable for vaginal or anal play, both men and women can receive pleasure from a drilldo.

Some say the drilldo provides more intense stimulation than a traditional dildo. However, others are not aroused by the rotating motion, which is very different to the thrusting experienced during sex.

Homemade drilldos can also be dangerous. Stop using your drilldo if you see sparks coming from it.

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