Last Updated: April 26, 2021

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Definition - What does Ass-to-Ass mean?

Ass-to-Ass is a sexual practice where two people are simultaneously penetrated anally by a double dildo.

It’s believed that the term ass-to-ass was first used in the 2000 film "Requiem for a Dream." In this movie, two female prostitutes insert a double-dildo in their anuses while a crowd of men cheers them on. One of these men, Uncle Hank, yells “Ass to ass!” in approval.

Kinkly explains Ass-to-Ass

While the original ass-to-ass scene involved two females, ass-to-ass can be performed by couples of any sexuality and gender.

Once the double-dildo anally penetrates the couple deeply, they get so close that they are literally positioned ass-to-ass. Both participants then push back against the double-dildo to achieve sexual gratification. Ass-to-ass can feel pleasurable for both participants as there are several nerve endings inside and around the anus.

As in the film, ass-to-ass is typically performed when both participants are on all fours, facing away from one another. However, ass-to-ass can also be performed if the couple is back-to-back, on their knees, or even standing. Using a generous amount of lubricant during ass-to-ass will help the double-dildo penetrate the anuses more easily by reducing friction. Make sure you use a lubricant that’s compatible with the material your double-dildo is made from.

During ass-to-ass, the dildo can pass the sphincters and enter the area of the lower intestine, which can contain bacteria. So it’s important to never put the dildo into a mouth or vagina after ass-to-ass without carefully cleaning it first. Using a condom over both ends of the double dildo can help minimize the risk of spreading diseases.

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