Zip Tie

Last Updated: June 22, 2020

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Definition - What does Zip Tie mean?

A zip tie is a fastener often made of durable nylon. Most often, they are used to organize cords, cables, and attaching items together. Often, zip ties are very secure, making it difficult for movement of an item. In relation to the bondage community, zip ties are sometimes used to restrain wrists, ankles, and inhibit mobility. Their extreme durability makes it hard for zip ties to become undone without the use of scissors or other tools.

Kinkly explains Zip Tie

Zip ties are sometimes used in bondage to secure an individual's movements and body parts. However, they can dig into the skin and can potentially hurt if too tightly secured to the limbs. These heavy-duty fasteners make it difficult for the individual to shift or break out of their position.

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