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Easy Chair Position

Updated: JULY 8, 2021

The easy chair sex position is an oral sex position that makes cunnilingus much easier and more comfortable for both the giver and receiver. To get into this position, the giver lies on their back with knees bent and together. The receiver then lies face up with her head leaning against the giver's knees and her crotch right in front of the giver's face. Her knees should be bent, and her feet should be on either side of the giver's head. The giver is then free to lick, kiss, and tease her clitoris and vulva.

Easy Chair Sex Position

More About Easy Chair Position

Not only is the easy chair position slightly more comfortable than other oral sex positions, but it can also result in more pleasurable oral sex for the woman. This position enables the giver to easily reach the clitoris and labia as well as the anus. The giver can also use their hands to manually stimulate the woman and really keep her squirming.


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