Roast Beef Position

Updated: JUNE 11, 2024

Get ready for a challenge with the Roast Beef sex position! Despite the simplicity of the position at first glance, an emphasis on positioning -- and mindful participation from both partners -- is a must.

Roast Beef Sex Position. The receiving partner lays, face down, on a flat surface, with their butt in the air. The penetrating partner squats on top of the receiver's butt to achieve penetration..

The Roast Beef sex position's claim to fame is novelty and its potential for p-spot stimulation. Depending on the angle of penetration, and the natural angle of the penetrating partner's penis/strap-on, the angle of the receiving partner's hips can make the prostate extremely easy to hit. (Don't forget about the magic of strap-on harnesses and dildos if your built-in equipment isn't hitting the spot you're going for!)

To get into this position, the receiving partner lays face down on a flat surface. They spread their knees as wide as possible and press their knees into the ground in order to tilt their pelvis towards the ceiling. The penetrating partner then straddles the receiver's hips, squatting on top of the receiver's hips, to achieve penetration.

More About Roast Beef Position

While the Roast Beef sex position may look simple at first glance, the difficulty is in the details. In particular, finding the angle needed to achieve penetration will be the sticking point for many couples -- and once that angle is achieved, the balance and strength required to maintain the position makes this a more athletic sex position than it may seem.

Because of this, the Roast Beef sex position will not be a viable choice for many couples. In order to achieve penetration, the receiving partner will need to be able to maintain a deep pelvic tilt. At the same time, the penetrating partner's quads and balance need to be strong enough to maintain their position while thrusting. If the penetrating partner's quads start to tire, more of the penetrating partner's weight will rest on top of the receiving partner -- which will make the receiving partner's position even more difficult.

Small changes in your body positions may help make this position easier to achieve. The receiving partner should press their knees firmly into the surface below them to provide leverage to raise the hips. On the flip side, the penetrating partner may wish to lean forward onto the receiver's shoulders to help maintain balance. Once penetration is achieved, the penetrating partner may find it easier to balance through grinding instead of full, long strokes.

Don't forget about the power of sex furniture to help too! A Liberator Wedge can easily slide underneath the receiver's hips to support the lower body and help maintain the deep pelvic tilt. Simultaneously, the Liberator shape's soft, plush surface can help cushion the hip bones from the stress of added weight on top of the body -- especially if you find yourself on the floor in this position.

In addition to a Liberator Wedge, couples may find that a free-standing sex swing is a great fit for this position. The penetrating partner can slide the sex swing around their thighs in order to provide upward support -- and balance -- to make this position easier to achieve in a way that's reminiscent of the Swinging Cowgirl position. Adding a sex swing also has the added benefit of reducing the weight pressed into the receiving partner!

Ensure the lines of communication are open throughout this entire sex position. Especially as the receiver's angle can stress the back, it's vital that the receiver feel comfortable asking to switch positions. Putting the back into a deep stretch and then weighting it down with body weight can quickly become a recipe for muscle strain, and we want to avoid that at all costs. For people with chronic pain or complex disabilities, this position may be unattainable. So, have a lengthy discussion prior about access needs.

The penetrating partner isn't out of the woods either: The deep squat required for this position -- added to the thrusting movement -- can put the knees in an injury-prone position if the penetrating partner isn't careful.

Even with all of that in place, the Roast Beef position may not be a sex position that honors your bodies here and now -- and that's OK! There are thousands of other sex positions available that can help the two of you feel amazing -- and focus more on your connection than the angles of your bodies. Even something as simple as the resting angle of an erection may make this position a bad fit for you.

Even if you're able to achieve the Roast Beef position, be ready to transition to a new position. If your morning ritual includes power-lifting, maintaining this position for long periods of time will become difficult the longer you're in the position. The Grand Slam, Turtle, Follow Through, Landslide and Sphinx positions make great positions to transition into.

You and your partner should also discuss the receiver's pleasure in this position -- especially if the receiver requires more than intercourse in order to orgasm. Since the position may make it difficult for the receiver to reach between their legs, we recommend the use of a hands-free sex toy -- or a discussion about how the receiver can ensure they get the pleasure they want before (or after) doing the Roast Beef position.

This can be a great time to discuss transitional sex positions that might provide more sensation to the receiver.



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