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Dear Santa, I Want A(nother) LELO Ina

Published: DECEMBER 2, 2013 | Updated: JUNE 7, 2022
Thanks to my LELO Ina, I had three years of plentiful and effortless orgasms. Until one day ...

This is the first of our "Dear Santa" blog series, where some of the Web's top sex toy reviewers are picking out their favorite, most gift-worthy toys this year. So go ahead and stuff someone's stocking with something nice, will ya? 'Tis the season for sexy fun! First up is Kara Sutra and her top pick.


I tend to have a hard time deciding what I want for Christmas. It’s not that I can’t think of things I’d like, it’s just that I tend to request things I want, over things I really need, with little thought paid to how useful or relevant the item might be. That isn’t to say I’m not thankful, because I am. I’ve just learned from years of re-gifting, donating, and giving things away that my list needs to be a bit more crafted. This year though, I think I’ve nailed it down to one specific item I’ve had a hard time living the last year and a half without: The luxurious LELO Ina. Yes, it’s a sex toy. And yes, it’s definitely on my wish list.

You see, I previously owned an Ina. The first three years were pure bliss. The body-safe, silky smooth silicone let me play without worry for my health or safety. The whisper-quiet motor kept me from being distracted during sessions. A variety of deep and rumbly vibration options held my attention long enough to keep me from getting bored. Simple push-button activations made it easy to manipulate and, because it was rechargeable, I never had to think about batteries. Although it didn’t have the bells and whistles most dual vibes feature (spinning internal balls, rotating shaft, thrusting action, etc.), the clamp-like design allowed it to fit my body perfectly, nestling in all the right places comfortably so the separate motors (one for each, external/internal) hugged tightly, offering targeted stimulation exactly where I needed it most.

Thanks to my Lelo Ina, I had three years of plentiful and effortless orgasms. As someone who’s tested well over 100 sex toys in her day, that’s no small feat.


It’s not surprising that within a very short span of time it became my go-to toy … until the day I came home to find it laying lifeless and dead on the floor. While I was out running errands, my teething six-month-old puppy decided to destroy it without so much as a second thought. You truly can’t image the horror, coming home to find bright orange chunks of silicone shredded and haphazardly strewn about the room. My beloved precious had been reduced to nothing more than a disposable chew toy for a frustrated pup. Tragic doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Sure, there have been other toys - many in fact - but with the exception of my We-Vibe Touch or Magic Wand, none has come close to pleasing me as reliably as my Ina did. So, with that in mind, this year's list will include a request for a replacement for my sad and beaten Lelo Ina. And if I could take that request a step further, I’d prefer the second version LELO crafted; it has a longer body for deeper insertion, holds a battery charge for a longer period of time, provides stronger vibrations for greater internal stimulation, and the external stimulator is slightly more flexible, allowing a bit more room to maneuver. It’s perfect, having everything I need and want wrapped together in one neat little bow.

If you’re like me and yearn for a dual stimulator that offers deep and rumbly vibrations, is well made, easy to use, waterproof, rechargeable and a body safe sex toy, the Lelo Ina fits the bill - and without the tacky bunny ears or cutesy appearance. Add it to your list. Who knows? Maybe this year, Santa will be good to you.


Kara Sutra

Kara Sutra is a sex-positive educator, sex toy reviewer and vlogger who loves spending her days reviewing sex toys and sharing sex advice on the Web. In 2007 she created Sex Ed 102, an online sex-positive Web series designed as a resource to help educate on sex, pleasure products, sexual techniques, contraception options and STI information. Kara has been seen on the Channel5 UK tv series "Sex Lessons," made the top 10 list of...

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