Dear Santa, I Wanna Find My G-Spot …

Published: DECEMBER 10, 2013 | Updated: JUNE 30, 2022
This year I'm asking Santa to grant my wish to every woman who has a desire to discover her G-spot. That isn't too much to ask, is it?

This is part of our "Dear Santa" blog series, where some of the Web's top sex toy reviewers are picking out their favorite, most gift-worthy toys this year. So go ahead and stuff someone's stocking with something nice, will ya? 'Tis the season for sexy fun! Here's Jenne from's Christmas wish.


All I want for Christmas is for every woman in the world to be able to discover her G-spot, and the pleasure it can bring! One of the reasons for that is a question I often find in my mailbox at, which generally goes something like this:

"Help! I've heard about it, I think I almost found it, but where on earth is my G-spot?"

With this in mind, I would love to be able to give every woman a toy that I discovered a while ago, called the Neon Luv Touch Slender-G vibrator. This is a G-Spot wand and it's designed to take much of the hard work out of the G-spot quest that so many women and their partners are on. The great thing about the Slender-G is that it will not break anyone's bank account either - and I know that for many people that is an important consideration, especially around the holidays.


The Slender-G costs around $20 and I have to say that is does a great job of making that elusive G-spot easier to find. It's about 8 inches long, about 7 inches of which is insertable. The nub on the end is around 1 1/2 inches and the entire toy is made from ABS. For those not familiar with ABS, it’s basically a hard plastic, and lends itself to G-spot play, because it does not bend or give like many other materials will. The Slender-G is also phthalate and latex-free - as all good sex toys should be!

The controls on the Slender-G are easy to find and operate. Simply turn the dial at the end of the wand. Slender-G is also waterproof. I love my toys to be waterproof because it can add an entire new dimension to self pleasure when you can take a toy into the water with you.

The only downside I've found with the Slender-G is that it can be a little noisy when it's on its highest vibrations, but that is a problem that's easily solved when you have a waterproof toy. Just submerge and play!


When it comes to actual play this is now my go-to G-Spot toy. The wand design makes it so much easier to find that sweet spot than the honored tradition of inserting a couple of fingers and poking around in a come-hither motion until you think you may have found the right spot ... or not. Anything that makes this quest easier deserves to be shared with others in my book. (Get some background reading on G-spot play in G-Spot Hunting: How to Find It and Its Elusive Orgasm.)

One thing I would point out when it comes to any type of sex toy play that often gets overlooked, is a good quality personal lubricant. Seriously - it's a must. This is especially true when it comes to G-Spot play, so make sure that you add that to your wish list as well.

So this year I'm asking Santa to grant my wish to every woman who has a desire to discover her G-spot. That isn't too much to ask is it?


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