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Dear Santa, Here Is a Gift I Would … nJoy

Published: DECEMBER 3, 2013 | Updated: JUNE 6, 2022
Give your partner something shiny and silver in a satin-lined box - that you can also put in their ass.

This is part of our "Dear Santa" blog series, where some of the Web's top sex toy reviewers are picking out their favorite, most gift-worthy toys this year. So go ahead and stuff someone's stocking with something nice, will ya? 'Tis the season for sexy fun! Here's Queeraschino Cherry and her top pick.


Perhaps this holiday season you're hoping to give someone you love something shiny and silver in a satin-lined box - that you can also put in their ass. If that's the case, then look no further. The nJoy Pure Plugs are a collection of hand-polished stainless steel anal plugs expertly designed with your (or your partner's) butt hole in mind.

Now, there are only a few toys in the universe that I would widely recommend to the many different types of bodies and preferences who ask me for advice each day, but these plugs go down in my book as one of the best gifts someone can give.


nJoy Pure Plugs stainless steel butt plugs

The tapered tip allows for gradual penetration and, just past the widest point, your muscles will pull in the rest, begging for the firm and unique pressure this material provides. Between the base and the bulb of the plug is a thin but sturdy post, which lets the outer muscles relax around it while the inside is being slowly stretched. These plugs are great for temperature play (just run them under warm or cold water) and are essentially indestructible. (Seriously, this material is stronger than the T-1000.)


Plugs are, of course, great on their own or as a part of preparation for anal play. But not all plugs are this well-crafted. The oval base/handle sits vertically between the cheeks, so the wearer can stand up, walk around or make me tofu scramble for brunch.

Pure Plugs are a great choice for long-term wear. Hell, you could wear one to your obligatory holiday celebration to make yourself less miserable when your aunts start asking what you're going to do with that degree.


They are made of non-porous material that is naturally easy to disinfect but is also known for its resistance to odors, which some silicone can hold onto, even after boiling. For folks concerned about any scents left behind, stainless steel can make the difference between wanting to engage in anal play and actually doing it. (And loving it). (Learn more about getting anal in Butt Play: Your Ifs, Ands and .... Butts.)

OK. But here's the question: What size do you buy for a butt that's not yours?

Small is great for people who are fairly new to anal play but are looking for a new sensation, although I would recommend a squishier material for a first-timer. This size is small enough to slide in easily but is still very noticeable because of its firmness. For more advanced ass-letes, this one might be necessary for days when your muscles are tense from stress/work/kids and the other ass play obstacles in our lives. Small is the perfect "square one" for all types of asses.


Medium, the most versatile size, is a best bet for folks who have plug experience and are waiting for what's next. This is the one I use most often and the one most borrowed by my partners (wash well between people!). This size is comfy for me because it stretches gently, making its presence known without really pushing my limits. It's for one of those nights when I'm pretending my apartment is a dungeon even though we all have to get up for work in the morning and don't actually have that much time.

Large is for when you want to pull out the big guns and would work best for folks who are familiar with using anal toys and know they enjoy a wide stretch with their penetration. Do not buy this for someone who is just curious about ass play or has only had a finger up there. This plug as a gift is a statement and one you should make very sure will be well-received. That being said, if you give this to the right person, it has the potential to occupy you both right through the New Year.


nJoy Pure Plug stainless steel butt plug in black and purple satin box

Here's one all wrapped up for your (anal) pleasure

Anal play isn't for everyone (just like any other type of sex), but if you're thinking of investing in one of the best and most beautiful toys you will ever put in someone's butt, the Pure Plugs may very well make your holiday shine.

Kinkly Staff

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