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Cute Little Fuckers Sex Toys: Sex Toy Review

Published: JANUARY 11, 2021 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
With a name like Cute Little Fuckers, you already know you are going to want these guys in your collection.

The Toy: Cute Little Fuckers Vibrators

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Have you ever owned sex toys that are based on a sex-positive internet comic? Well, now you can! The Cute Little Fuckers vibrators, based on the characters in the gender-friendly webcomic, is a set of three different, gender-free vibes designed for pleasure. Each vibe has its own unique personality and its own unique design for pleasure that best suits your needs - regardless of what kind of bits are between your legs.

Another addition to the fantastic world of gender-free vibrators, the Cute Little Fuckers provide pleasure in a design that's versatile enough to be used for quite a few different activities.


Each one of these silicone vibrators is entirely body-safe and includes 10 different vibration modes to enjoy. Fully waterproof and USB rechargeable, these non-threatening toys offer high-end silicone vibrator features - without the high-end price.

In addition, if the vibration quality of the Cute Little Fuckers isn't what your body needs, the vibrators of each of the toys can be swapped out for any other slim bullet vibrator of your choice.

It's all about making sex toys that pleasure YOU and your unique body in the best way possible!


So let's start this Cute Little Fuckers review - starting with a Cute Little Fuckers Starsi review, Cute Little Fuckers Princette Puppypus review, and Cute Little Fuckers Trinity review:

How to Use Cute Little Fuckers Starsi?

The "flattest" of the Cute Little Fuckers designs, the Starsi really excels at covering flat-ish areas in vibrations. At first glance, the Starsi might seem flat, but it isn't. The tips of the vibrator gently curve inwards, but if pressure is applied (like placing it against the body), the tips can curve back outwards with no discomfort to the skin.

The clearest use of the Starsi? Forvulva pleasure. The flat design lends itself well to pressing against the vulva - though depending on the size of your thighs, you'll likely need to spread your legs to do it comfortably - and to cover the entire area. Since the Starsi doesn't have any protruding areas while it's laid flat, it doesn't necessarily provide clitoral pleasure unless you spread the labia intentionally to do so - but it still feels pretty pleasurable on the vulva.

If you want more targeted stimulation, the "tips" of each one of the tentacle-thingies (I am not a marine biologist of starfish, okay?) are actually pretty strong. They don't have the full strength of the vibe in the center, but because of the very small surface area, they feel really pinpoint intense; it's pretty easy to slide one of those tentacles between the labia for targeted clitoral stimulation - if that's what you're interested in.

I also had some success with using the Cute Little Fuckers Starsi between the base of a dildo and my body while wearing a strap-on harness. The backside of the Starsi is perfect for grinding against. The toy is "deep" enough that it nestles between the labia really nicely, and when grinding against it (like during a pegging), it moves up and down against the clitoris - which has been orgasmic time and time again for me during a pegging. It's actually my favorite use for the Starsi by far. Accessing the vibration control can be a bit difficult with this use, but I generally just leave the vibrator off - purely allowing the shape to do its job.


Of course, the Starsi can be used for more than just vulva pleasure. For those with a penis, the Starsi does fantastically well underneath the testicles. The area between two of the "tentacles" can "cuddle" beneath the testicles while the flat part of the Starsi lays against the perineum - making some serious pleasure.

Equal-opportunity, the Starsi can also be used on the nipples for anyone of any gender. I find that the vibrations tend to be the focus of stimulation with the Starsi, but with a dollop of lube and someone with very sensitive nipples, just moving the textured surface of the Starsi against the nipples can be really orgasmic. (If you're someone who wears bras, the Starsi can also be stuffed into a bra for hands-free pleasure of the nipples while doing other things. It curves really nicely against extra squish in the nipple/chest area.)

It's worth noting that the Starsi includes indentations on the backside for easier hand-holding of the vibrator. While you still want your thumb somewhere on the Starsi for extra support if the vibe isn't pressed flat against somewhere, these indentations make it much easier to keep the vibe in place if you're grinding against it - or if your hands are slippery.

How to Use Cute Little Fuckers Princette Puppypus?

My favorite out of the collection for purely selfish reasons (I love Octopi and Puppies - and my pet name for my partner is Puppy), the Princette Puppypus is an adorable toy that really lends itself well to anal use. If you can get over the fact that you're inserting Princette Puppypus's head to use it, this toy is really well-designed as an anal plug. (Though, if you read the sex toy's "bio", this sex toy enjoys it.)

As a butt plug, the Princette Puppypus is perfectly sized for someone who has a bit of anal experience. With a 1.7" diameter, it isn't small - but it isn't huge. With the toy inserted, the vibrations can be felt inside of the butt - in addition to the little tentacles around the base of the toy. The tentacles are soft enough to be comfortable against the cheeks when inserted; they don't prod uncomfortably into the skin.


If sliding Princette Puppypus up the butt isn't your jam, we also gave it a try in a couple of other different ways. One of my favorites was using the Puppypus against my partner's perineum. The Princette Puppypus stands upright with a really stable base. This means it can pretty much "stand itself up" anywhere. This was a fantastic addition to play while my partner was lying down. The Princette Puppypus can be turned on and left to sit on the ground right next to my partner's perineum - where it adds a ton of vibrations and pleasure to a handjob or other play. If/when we want to, with a bit of lube, that same toy slides into the butt with ease.

For my personal anatomy (as a plus-sized woman), I haven't found that the Cute Little Fuckers Princette Puppypus can nestle against the clitoris like shown in the photos without me basically bending on top of it. I'd imagine this is a mixture of my body and my higher-than-many clitoris, so I wouldn't write off the Princette Puppypus based on that. It may work great for your body for that.

I'm really fond of how the shape of the Princette Puppypus vibrator really lends itself well to handholding. The fingers really slide around the base (and between the tentacles) with an ease that feels second-nature. With it there, you can use the head of the toy to press against spots for vibrations - or use the flat base and hold the toy against your skin.

How to Use Cute Little Fuckers Trinity?

The Cute Little Fuckers Trinity is the "dildo"-looking toy of the bunch. You clearly don't have to use it that way (after all, gender-free toys are designed to be as flexible in use as humanly possible), but it clearly is the toy that was designed for insertable playtimes just like a dildo.

One of the things I love most about the Cute Little Fuckers Trinity is the unique shape. This isn't a huge (or thick) dildo at all. At its widest point (the tip), this body safe sex toy is only 1.4" in diameter. While I wish it wasn't so top-heavy (as this might prevent slow, patient penetration from those who aren't uncomfortable with or unable to play with thick toys and wanted to work their way in), the top-heavy design makes sense visually with the "creature" design of the sex toy.

In addition to the unique tip, the entire dildo is just a really uniquely-designed adventure. How often do you see dildos that include thick, bulbous elements up the shaft? Virtually never. The two "heads" towards the base really provide an additional element of thickness and unique sensation while using the Trinity.

The obvious use of the Cute Little Fuckers Trinity is penetration - whether anally, vaginally, or orally. (Or any other hole you find?) The "clouds" at the base function as an anal-safe base, so this penetrative sex toy can go pretty much anywhere you want to insert it.


When used anally and vaginally, it was a smooth experience. Anally, he enjoyed inserting it past the two "heads" near the base. Vaginally, I was pretty much tapped out when it came to sliding the heads in as well; it didn't do much for me. He did note prostate stimulation when we could manage to keep the dildo facing the direction where the little head would press against the prostate. Luckily, the base isn't entirely round-shaped, so once we figured out the "sweet spot", it was easy to use the base as a guiding post to ensure the dildo stay turned the "correct" way for him.

We did experiment with the Trinity orally, but we found the two "ears" on the top of the dildo were much more distracting when the toy was down the throat instead of in other areas. We probably won't use the Trinity vibrator for many oral adventures because of it, but if you had a thing for orally enjoying a monster design like this, it's something you could get over. It's just a bit tickly. (Might add to the "monster" realism for you?)

Since the vibrating dildo is similar in length to a biological penis, we decided to see how it could pleasure a penis. The Trinity can be held against the penis to add vibrations to each stroke of the penis. I recommend holding Trinity face-down (with the tip facing the pubic area) to avoid rubbing the base in an uncomfortable manner. With lube and two hands, this adds vibrations to the usual penis strokings - and can be a pretty neat visual too - especially if you're into the design of the Trinity.

We also gave the Trinity a try in a strap-on harness. It works - though you'll want a pretty tight O-ring to be able to stay around the base and keep it in place. My Spareparts Joque harness worked great for it, but if you have a metal O-ring, you'll likely want a 1.5" ring. Since the tip is much wider than the base, expect the dildo to have a bit of wiggle once it's in place. But it IS pretty awesome to have a monster "growing" out of your body - and it's a very playful, non-threatening look for pegging and strap-on sex if you have anxious partners.

Out of the three vibes, the Trinity is probably the least versatile - if only because there's only so much you can do with a vibrator that's clearly designed for penetration. You're free to use it in any other way you see fit, but if you wanted a toy purely for external pleasure, you might find the Starsi or Princette Puppypus to be a better fit. (I still like you, though, Trinity!)

As the marketing material says, the Cute Little Fuckers Trinity is soft enough for comfort yet firm enough to hold its shape. That's accurate. If you press down on the silicone, you get the slightest bit of budge, but the toy holds its shape really well. If it's going to bend, it ends up bending near the head of the lowest-most monster face. The entire tip tends to move as one whole being - and it makes penetration really easy - even with a strap-on harness or anally (or anywhere else with resistance). It doesn't tend to fold in on itself.

Product Details

The Cute Little Fuckers vibrators are made out of this silky-smooth silicone material. I absolutely love the feel of this silicone, and it glides easily against the hands. It feels like high-quality, luxurious stuff, and the designs are really intricately designed in the silicone.

It isn't a half-assed job by any means, and the Cute Little Fuckers look like some seriously-quality toys. They feel fantastic against the fingers while holding them, fantastic during use, and look great when you're done using them, too. The silicone is odor-free and scent-free, and it behaves just like any other high-quality silicone. Call me impressed.

The intricacy of the designs is impressive as well. For example, while Starsi has a design built into it that's visible from a distance, when you look up close, you find that some of these "at a glance" details are even more detailed up-close. Like the little "pearls" built into the silicone of the Starsi - or how the teeth on the Trinity come to a very-fine, differently-protruding point at the end of the fangs. It's some serious attention to detail that most fantasy toys don't achieve, and it's amazing.


Each one of the Cute Little Fuckers sex toys are equipped with 10 modes of pleasure. The first five modes are gradually-increasing-intensity steady vibration modes while the last five modes are patterned modes.

When it comes to the vibration intensity, it can really, really vary widely based upon where you're touching on each one of the vibrators. Let me quickly go over where the vibrators are based from - and how the vibration varies on each one of the toys - and then I'll go over the overall intensity of the vibrations.

The vibrator resides in the base of the Trinity, so the vibrations feel more intense on the Trinity towards the base - and less intense (maybe 75% of the intensity?) near the tip.

The vibrator for the Starsi lives in the center part of the toy, so the vibrations are most intense in the middle of the vibrator (front or backside) while the outermost tips of the Starsi get about 70% of the vibration intensity - but it still feels intense because the vibrations are SO targeted at that tip of the Starsi with such a small surface area.

The vibrator for the Princette Puppypus is very much targeted in the head of the Puppypus. You get about 50% of the vibration strength at the tips of the tentacles - but probably due to the further-away design than of the Starsi, the vibrations don't feel nearly as intense as the tips of the tentacles as with the Starsi.

That being said, even at 100%, the Cute Little Fuckers vibrators aren't particularly powerful. They're above average, but their vibrations are noticeably buzzy, and at least for me, they can tend to leave me feeling a bit numb if I'm not careful enough to move the vibrator around on a regular basis.

This isn't my favorite vibration timbre, but if you enjoy buzzier vibrations (that you feel on the surface rather than deep into your bones), the Cute Little Fuckers vibrators have some of the most powerful buzzy vibrations I've felt. It is a lot of power packed into the little vibe; it just isn't the style of vibrations that works for me. I've been able to orgasm from the vibration of the Cute Little Fuckers, but it's been a challenge, and very much a "I have to do this quickly before the vibrator numbs me" thing.

I love power and rumbly, though, so if a lot of vibrators are painfully powerful or feel disturbingly deep into your core for you, the Cute Little Fuckers vibrators might be a better fit for you than I.

Noise-wise, though, all of the vibrators stay at about the same intensity - and that's QUIET. With my music on a very quiet setting, I can barely hear the vibrations on high while holding the toy. With my music turned up, it becomes impossible to hear the vibrations.

I've tested each one of the Cute Little Fuckers vibrators, and no matter which one you're using, if someone is in another room with some noise around, they won't be able to hear the vibrators. Shut the door if you want added security, but even just the separation of separate rooms makes it entire inaudible.

Measurements for Each of the Cute Little Fuckers

Cute Little Fuckers Starsi Measurements
Width: 4.6"
Thickness: 1.3"

Cute Little Fuckers Trinity Measurements
Length: 7"
Diameter: 1.4"

Cute Little Fuckers Princette Puppypus Measurements
Height: 2.8"
Diameter: 1.7"

How They Work

As far as I can tell, each one of the Cute Little Fuckers toys uses the same motor and vibrator design. This tiny vibrator (complete with the control buttons on the base of the vibrator) is then slid into the silicone "covering" that makes up the entirety of the toy. You're able to move the silicone around and actually see that the vibrator is a distinct object from the silicone sex toy that it's inserted into. So, in theory, the vibrator is removable (and the Cute Little Fuckers manufacturer states it is.)

In practice, that's really, really, really hard. It may require pliers and other tools because it's just so snugly stuffed into the silicone sex toy. Switching or removing this vibe is not something you want to do regularly. But if you want more power out of your Cute Little Fuckers toys and love the external look of them, it can be switched out. (As a hint, I've slid the We-Vibe Tango into these - and it noticeably increases the power of the vibrations. It does fit into all of the Cute Little Fuckers toys.)

In theory, this also makes the Cute Little Fuckers really easy to "fix". If the vibrator dies, unlike most silicone toys, the entire toy doesn't need to be replaced. In theory, you'd just need to contact the manufacturer, and they'd be able to help you get another vibrator to add to the toy - or you can add your own favorite bullet vibrator. In the world of reducing waste wherever possible, this is a design I can really get behind.

Once you understand how to use one Cute Little Fuckers, you can understand them all because of this same vibrator structure. There's a single button to control the vibrator. This button works as the power button and the control button. Press and hold to turn on the toy, and single presses will work to change the vibration patterns once the toy is already on. You can scroll through the 10 different modes by these single button presses. When you're done, just hold the button down to turn it off. (The instruction manual claims that you need to hold these buttons down for five seconds to turn it on and off, but even trying my best "One Mississippi" counting method, I can't make it to two before the toy turns on or off.)

All of the Cute Little Fuckers are super easy to use and understand. Very beginner-friendly. Even if this is your first toy, you'll understand what's going on within seconds.

The Cute Little Fuckers Mission

In case you didn't know, the Cute Little Fuckers toys are made by a two-person team - so they really are a "small business" and deserve your love for that. Cute Little Fuckers strives to make sexual expression (and pleasure!) accessible and gender-inclusive.

After some life circumstances caused the owner, Step, to leave their previous job, they took a risk by starting a business based on the things they loved (sex and weird monsters; I can get behind that!). In 2019, Cute Little Fuckers became the first adult toy on Kickstarter in 7 years - and hit their monetary goal in the FIRST DAY.

Built on community and focused on providing high-quality, affordable sex toys, Cute Little Fuckers is queer, transgender, and disabled-owned.

I'm looking forward to seeing what toys Cute Little Fuckers releases next because I'm sure they're going to be just as high-quality as these three.

Materials and Care

Each one of the Cute Little Fuckers is made from silicone - which makes them super-easy to clean up (and sterilize, if necessary!). Warm water and mild soap will take care of regular cleanings, but if you ever want to sterilize it for use between multiple partners (or just to help keep it extra-clean), you can slip out the vibrator (which includes all the moving parts), and the rest of the silicone toy can be boiled in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

Just be really careful removing the Cute Little Fuckers sex toys from the water since boiling water tends to get trapped in the bullet hole chamber.

As each one of the Cute Little Fuckers sex toys has an intricate sex toy design, you'll want to take care with washing. They have curves and crevices (like their faces and body parts) that can take a bit more time to clean than your "standard" sex toy. Since each one is waterproof (even with the vibrator inserted!), submerging and swirling the toy around in a soapy bath is one of the fastest ways I've found to get a thorough clean. The waterproof capabilities really come in handy here!

When you're done cleaning your Cute Little Fuckers sex toys, they can be recharged to get them ready for their next use. The charging port is right next to the power/single button on each one of the vibrators - and is easily accessible. Just slide the included plug into the hole, and it will charge the vibrator. When charged up, each one of the vibrators will last about two hours of non-stop use (110 minutes). It takes 70 minutes for each one of the vibrators to go from fully-dead to fully charged - so a little over an hour.

You'd want to clear it with the manufacturer first, but as far as I can tell, each one of the vibrators uses the same cord to charge, so if you choose to collect multiple Cute Little Fuckers vibrators, they can all charge off the same cord. (That's how I've been charging them.)

Each one of the Cute Little Fuckers vibrators comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defect. Just make sure to keep your proof of purchase (like your email receipt from Kinkly Shop!) in order to start the warranty process. It will be (literally!) as easy as emailing someone if you ever have to take advantage of it. (With the quality of the Cute Little Fuckers, I'm doubting warranty issues happen much, but even the best brands have a few defective items slip through.)

The Packaging

The Cute Little Fuckers includes the toy of your choice itself, the charging cable for that toy, and a piece of paper that explains how to use the toy and charge it. It does not include a storage bag for the toys.

Each one of the Cute Little Fuckers comes in a thin, colorful cardboard box that clearly displays the toy through the see-through plastic window on the front. The packaging includes an illustration of ideas of how to use it (on the outside) in addition to the manufacturer's information, the toy features, a profile about the toy, and the mission of the Cute Little Fuckers company.

The packaging is adorable (and colorful!), and I love it - but it's a bit thin and won't stand up to heavy use for storage of the toy. I already have some of the plastic tray attempting to warp and a few tears on my boxes from a couple of openings. I'd recommend a storage bag (or food storage bag) of your own to keep the Cute Little Fuckers vibrators with their charging cable and instruction paper.

The instruction manual included with the Cute Little Fuckers toy could use a bit of help. Each manual is the same - one slip of paper included within each of the three toys. It tells you how to use it and how to charge it. The opposite side of the paper thanks you for supporting a small business. The instructions missing are how to clean the toy - in addition to instructions about how to switch out the vibrator portion or what I should expect from the battery life (and how long to charge it). The instructions are functional enough, but you'll be experimenting to find out the rest of the information for yourself.

The Verdict: 4/5

Each one of these intricately-designed vibrators is adorable and really does feel friendly and non-threatening each time you pick it up. It's clear the creators really thought through the idea of gender-free vibrators - because every aspect of these unique vibrators clearly seems designed to serve a dual purpose by opening the toy's options to more uses.

I'm in love with the gender-free, playful premise of the Cute Little Fuckers - and it isn't just the premise either. The entire idea was well-executed with a set of three toys that meet unique sexual needs with an approachable design that works well for anyone of any gender identification with any body parts whether solo, partnered, or polyamorous.

I'm a bit disappointed by the vibrations of the Cute Little Fuckers. They're very powerful - but on the buzzy, surface-level side of vibrations. That doesn't work for my body, in particular, but it doesn't mean it won't work for yours. The vibrations are still very powerful (surprisingly so!) for sex toys this small.

All that being said, if you don't find the vibrations work for you, nothing is really "lost". You can slide your own favorite bullet vibrator into the Cute Little Fuckers toy for more power and more sensations that better work for your body.

Other Options

Luckily, we all live in a time where gender-free sex toys are really picking up in popularity. (In fact, they're some of the top-selling couple's toys on Kinkly Shop if you look!) I think it's probably because of how versatile they are. They can go from solo to partnered to group use - and can be used on pretty much any type of anatomy. It's easy to see why they'd be an amazing choice for anyone who wants an all-in-one sex toy that can pleasure anyone involved.

So if the Cute Little Fuckers aren't doing it for you (and that's okay! Playful, "monster", sex toys aren't for everyone!), you do have some other gender-free sex toy options.

Some great options if you love the gender-free sex toy idea include the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3, the Satisfyer Endless Love, and the Wild Flower Enby.

The Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 is one of the best-selling couple's toys on Kinkly Shop for a reason; it offers a huge host of ways to use it. The long "handle/shaft" can be an insertable toy - or a great external vibe. The loop end can wrap around a penis - or provide surround-sound pleasure to many areas of the body. It's a fantastic gender-free option if you're looking for a bit more power from your vibrator. (The Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 has three motors!)

In a looped design, the Satisfyer Endless Love offers quite a few ways to play with it - while easily looping around any penis in your life. The toy offers 14+ different ways to use it, and like the Cute Little Fuckers, it's designed for gender-free play.

If you love the look of the Cute Little Fuckers Starsi but want a bit more flexibility from the silicone edges, you might like the Wild Flower Enby. The toy is in a much-more-boring design, but the edges of the Enby easily curve inwards to make a cylinder if you want more of a wrap-around design than the Starsi offers.

If you're looking for a different type of gender-free toy, the Sportsheets Lennox might also be a good fit for you. While it looks like a standard dildo at first glance, the entire interior of the Lennox is hollow - providing that gender-free experience. With the dildo's rigidity, the Lennox can be used like a standard dildo - or at any point, it slide on top of any biological penis to open up the options for even more uses.

-Extremely cute, approachable designs.
-Huge variety of ways to use each toy.
-Very detailed designs with luxurious-feeling silicone.
-Vibrator is replaceable in case of problems - or just switching for a more powerful motor.
-Made by a small business based on gender inclusivity

-The vibrations are on the buzzy end - but still very powerful.

Wondering how/why we reviewed this product? Check out our Sex Toy Review Policies.

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