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Creative Ways to Store and Hide Your Sex Toys – and Still Be Able to Find Them

Published: APRIL 12, 2018 | Updated: FEBRUARY 2, 2022
Even small sex toy collections need handy storage.

Sure, you've started a small sex toy collection, and you know what? You absolutely love it! Not only does it add some variety to your sex life, but it's also great at making masturbation seem like the main event all on its own. However, with that growing sex toy collection comes a growing need for storage. One toy can likely be hidden in a shirt in the dresser, but when you have five? Well, you have to get a bit more creative - especially if you have kids in the house you want to hide your stash from.


Privacy and Access: The Two Main Considerations of Hiding Sex Toys

When it comes to sex toy storage, there are two main concerns: privacy and usability. You may want your collection to be entirely private, and away from easy discovery, but you likely also want your toys to be easily accessible if you want to use one. That presents a lot of unique storage situations. A lot of storage totes and bins are designed for "set it and forget it in the garage" - making them unfriendly to our particular storage needs.

So, here are some unique storage ideas to keep your sex toys out of sight, but still well within reach!

A Single Drawer

Don't have a ton of sex toys? Awesome! Your job will be very easy. All you need to do is clear out a single drawer for your toys. Once the drawer is cleared, consider some sort of organizational system for your items. You might want to make some DIY drawer dividers or consider placing some boxes in the drawer. You could even go with some marker-labeled plastic baggies. Think about what you need your organizational system to accomplish. Then try to pick something that's designed for that. Feel free to change it up later if you find your current system isn't working for you! If keeping prying eyes out is a concern, consider a lock.


Underneath Clothes in a Dresser Drawer

Who says you need dedicated sex toy storage? When you only have to hide a few items, you might consider hiding the items underneath your folded clothing in your dresser drawers. If you choose to use this method, make sure all of your toys are in plastic bags - you don't want to deal with hair and lint very time you take them out.

Long, Thin Under-the-Bed Storage Totes

How many toys do you have? If you're working with a sizable collection, you might consider investing in some long and thin under-the-bed storage totes, preferably with wheels. Get an opaque variety for discretion. Keep the totes somewhere easy to wheel out every time you want to play. Consider some smaller interior boxes to help keep each type of toy nicely organized within the giant tote. You can also craft some DIY dividers to help with the organization as well.

Under-Clothing, On-Hanger Storage Bags

Do you know that some companies make storage pouches that go on a clothing hanger and hang underneath the clothing? This makes for a truly discreet storage area. While these pouches are usually designed for jewelry, if you get a large one, you can slip some of your larger, lighter toys into this pouch with ease. Then, discreetly place it with a thick coat or fluffy dress overtop of it. I wouldn't recommend stuffing it to the limit, though. You're still limited by how much weight the hanger itself can carry!


Shoe Boxes

Don't want to spend a ton of money? Consider keeping your old shoe boxes around. Already-opaque and mundane enough to discourage snoopers, shoe boxes can blend into the storage area of your closet relatively easily. If you have a lot of boxes, consider labeling. For the utmost in privacy, leave the box unaltered. To discourage snooping place some larger items on top of the shoeboxes to make them more difficult to access.

Plastic Drawer Units

You've seen these plastic drawer units, selling for cheap, at your local big-box store. Made of plastic, they're simple to clean if you have a spill, and their multiple-drawer design allows you to easily organize all of the toys in separate drawers. While these drawers can't usually be locked, they can be purchased in an opaque design that reduces peeking through the sides of the container. Kink in one drawer, dildos in another, and vibrators in another!

Pillow Interior

Luckily for all of us, manufacturers have been thinking about sex toy storage for longer than most of us have been buying toys. A few companies offer a pillow with a hollowed-out inside. If you only have a few items to store, this can be a good option since the padding placed all around the hollowed-out area still looks like a pillow when filled with sex toys! However, laying your head on the pillow will quickly reveal its true, lumpy nature, so this pillow is decoration-only.


Lockable Containers

Along with the pillows, sex toy manufacturers have also been "on the job" with lockable containers for sex toys as well. Many manufacturers offer boxes that are roomy and can be locked for easy bedside storage. Some of these boxes will even sterilize the items inside. If you have a small collection, these beautiful bedside boxes can be a good option, but be aware that most of the boxes, when stored next to a bed, look clearly like they're designed for holding your intimate items.

Craft Supply Storage

You may never have considered this one, but give it a chance. Craft supply storage is designed for lots of small-to-medium items and is designed to keep them all apart and organized. While you'll want to wait for a sale to pick up a craft supply organization container as they're a bit pricey, this can easily solve your storage needs in one place if you have a large collection.

Pick Your Favorites

If you have a good-sized collection, you might need to consider some less easily-accessible storage options. They can sometimes be the only way to prevent your toys from creeping all over the surface areas of your home. Consider picking out a couple of your favorites and putting them into your nightstand. Small locking cases can keep your bedside choices from being discovered. You can then place the rest of your toys within a bin or box in the closet. I recommend keeping this box easily-accessible, and when you want to play with a couple of your less-favorites, this box will be a treasure trove of fun.


Storing Items by Material

Now you have an idea of how you want to store your items. What about the items themselves? Is there a special way you should store a silicone dildo versus a jelly one? What about your kink items? Well, when you're looking at storing your sex toys, remember these storage preferences for your adult items:

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Jelly/PVC/Rubber Toys

These toys should NEVER be kept out of a bag - regardless of where they're stored or what they're stored against. (Actually, we'd argue that you probably shouldn't buy these toys at all, because many aren't body safe.) But ... if you insist, know that some types of jelly or PVC material may stain plastic storage containers. These toys have also been known to destroy items that they're placed against. If your toys have a strong scent, they need to be stored in a plastic baggie at all times. Oh, and this is what happens if you store them all jumbled together. Ew.


TPR/Realistic Material

While these toys aren't quite as unstable as jelly toys, they still require some special storage. Most TPR and "realistic" material will tend to grab onto hair and lint relatively easily, so a storage bag is considered a good idea. Along with that, these items are often soft and squishy, so they should be stored without any heavier toys pressing down on them. Long-term weight on top of some TPR toys may permanently deform them.

Silicone Toys

If you're unsure about the purity of your silicone toy, it's vital that you don't let it touch other silicone toys. While it likely will be OK for a few hours, long-term storage touching other not-fully-silicone or fully-silicone toys will likely destroy one or both items. Consider placing these items in sandwich baggies or in sex toy storage bags before placing them into your chosen storage method. However, if it's the only toy in the drawer, you can get away with leaving it out of a bag.

Pure silicone toys from high-end manufacturers can touch each other with no problem. You don't need to worry about bags or separation as long as all of your silicone toys are pure silicone. If you're unsure if it's pure silicone, err on the side of caution and follow instructions for the silicone toys above. Storage bags aren't a bad idea anyway - some silicone still collects lint.

Stainless Steel/Glass/Wood Toys

These toys, with their rigid and body-safe materials, are entirely safe on their own and when touching other materials. However, these toy materials are the few that are susceptible to scratches and chips that will render them unusable. If you accidentally get a fingernail indent in your TPR dildo, you can still use it, but for a glass or wood toy, it might render the entire toy useless. For that reason, these toys should be kept in soft, padded bags (when possible), and when not, keep them wrapped in layers of clothing or surrounded by super-soft items such as silicone toys, floggers, or other non-abrasive items.


Your storage of floggers will depend on the quality of the items. Optimally, all floggers should be stored flat - much like your crops. This storage method allows the flogger tails to lay out flat and reduces the likelihood of any creasing or ugly lines forming in the material of the flogger. In fact, many floggers come with a "loop" around the end of the handle, making it easy to conveniently hang them upright. However, hanging a flogger like this can take up a lot of space. If you spent hundreds of dollars on your dream flogger, store it properly. If your flogger is a $10 one that came in a kit, you may not care about the visible creasing and may store it wrapped up in a drawer. (However, do be aware that extreme creasing and warping of the flogger material may render certain floggers unusable - or at the very least, unpredictable, during use.)


Sorry guys. Crops need to be laid out flat. Any attempt to bend a crop to fit into a particular space will warp the item permanently. Low on space? Consider laying them on the floor of the closet - where they'll disappear once the clothing is moved in front of them.


Paddles are a pretty simple one to take care of. When storing your paddles, just take extra steps to ensure they aren't stored near anything abrasive or sharp. As long as you avoid that, your paddles should be safe. Feel free to pile them up into a drawer with no concerns.


Storing your collars and cuffs depends on how you uses them. If your collars and cuffs tend to only be used on a single person, you should fasten those items at the exact tightness that the person needs them. This will soften them up a bit and make them easier to curl around the body with minimal resistance. However, this method will also put creases in the leather or material that might be unsightly if the cuffs are regularly used on differently-sized bodies. That's why, if you use your collars and cuffs on more than one person, you should store them laid as flat as possible. This reduces any creasing or "memory" from forming in the material during storage.


I'm guessing you don't want to stick hair and dust into your mouth. That's why it's important that your gags get the same "bag it and store it" treatment that some of your dildos do. Even after storing your gag in a bag, consider a quick rinse under the water to remove any excess fur before shoving it into your willing partner's mouth.


In a perfect world, no lubricant bottle would ever leak, and you'd never accidentally forget that last click that spells the difference between "open" and "closed." Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. For that reason, keep your lubricant in a large plastic baggie or consider storing lubes in a drawer that can be easily wiped up in case of a spill (such as a plastic drawer). For the least amount of mess possible, get a small basket that perfectly fits the number of lubricant bottles you have and store them all upright. (If you're really fancy, you could even consider a lube dispenser.)

Condoms and Other Safer Sex Barriers

We wouldn't be talking about sex supplies without touching on some of the safer sex barriers like condoms, dental dams and internal condoms. Each individual barrier will have its own storage instructions (and you should check the box for your particular barrier for the best instructions). In general, safer sex barriers should be stored in a dark, dry area without any wide temperature changes. So, no bathroom storage! As usual, make sure to check every safer sex barrier's expiration date before putting it into use. Don't take chances with your protection; make sure you know exactly how to store it according to the manufacturer.

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