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Robin Juliet

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I write about sex because of what I DON'T know. And, what I still don't understand is how and why and who and what we all do for sex. I like to explore the emotional (and psychological) undercurrents that surface when we tap into our erotic fantasies. Our gut reactions to lovers are often unintentional.

Most of my characters are not in love, nor do they wish to be. They’re okay with their lives even though many of their choices seem unconventional or taboo. Can you love the sex without loving the person? Some people can and others cannot.

That’s the crux of my work.

Themes of deceit, betrayal, fate, and sexual obsession get thread in and around lovers who find out what happens when lust and love collide.


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These days our world is driven by desire, but sometimes it seems we are sacrificing intimacy for lust. One woman asks herself whether her love of sex is preventing her from connecting with her partners.

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Women who seek advice from relationship experts on how to find a man to marry are told to keep their legs clamped shut. I happen to agree. But what about if your idea of a fulfilled life doesn't include a husband, three kids and a mortgage?

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