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Dr. X-Treme

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es earned him a Ph.D. from Yale University. After graduation, he took a job in a government lab. He spent the next six years erecting quantum measurement devices for low-temperature physics. WhiDoctor X. Treme is the inventor of Orgasmatronics' flagship product, the X1 Orgasmatron. He is also CEO and co-founder of Orgasmatronics, Inc. 

When Doctor X. Treme was a child he dreamed of becoming an inventor. His aspirations led him to the field of physics and his studile the work was engaging, Treme found it constricting and oppressive, like wearing pants. He grew weary of the military’s involvement in his field. To the Doctor, applied physics was about more than advanced weaponry. 

One fateful night, his wife made a simple request. “Build me a sex machine?” she asked. And just like that, Doctor X. Treme quit his government job, took off his pants, and got to work. These days, the Doctor dedicates his time to coupling science and technology in the bedroom. He researches ways to use physical principles to enhance the lives of (extra)ordinary people. And in his spare time, he ceaselessly battles injustice while exploring time and space in his unreliable time machine. OK, that last bit isn’t true... yet.


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