Can reading about sex on the internet help improve my sex life?

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I often look up questions I have about sex on the internet and find this helpful, but can it really improve my sex life?


Yes, especially when lover's read to each other! Many women get turned on by aural sex and most men are aroused by all types of erotica. Reading about sex on the internet can teach you new things, give you new ideas and boost your sex life by getting the juices flowing - literally - as brain chemicals like adrenaline, dopamine and testosterone are released and pack a triple punch generating a sense of pleasure, excitement and euphoria. To add hotness, try some dirty talk, sensual touching, passionate kissing and undressing each other. You might be surprised to discover that reading about sex on the internet can be the sexual event.

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Written by Dr. Ava Cadell
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Dr. Cadell is a Clinical Sexologist and AASECT Certified Sex Counselor with Doctorates in Human Behavior (Newport University, CA) and Human Sexuality (Institute For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality). She is the president of the American College of Sexologists International and the founder of Loveology University Online University of Love Coaching. 

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