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Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps: New Toy to Know

Published: MARCH 1, 2021
Put a boner in your shower! Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps gives whole new meaning to "pump it up" and we are so here for that.

Erections on demand - well, with the help of a little bit of water. Gone are the days of fumbling with an awkward penis pump that's bulky, hard-to-use, and can barely hold a seal.

Instead, welcome the days of utilizing the magic of water for a smooth penis pump experience with the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump line! We're pretty excited about the opportunities that the Bathmate penis pump lines offer, so we figured you might be too. That's what makes it this week's New Toy to Know!

Our First Penis Pump Line!

Kinkly Shop has never carried a penis pump - until now. Our entire philosophy revolves around only carrying products that are going to do exactly as they claim to do. We're hunting for those needles in the haystacks - so that all the body safe sex toys you purchase from Kinkly Shop are going to do exactly what they claim to do.

That's why the Bathmate series has become the first penis pump to grace the virtual shelves of Kinkly Shop. We all know that a lot of penis pumps are a frustrating experience to use; a simple web search shows you hundreds of examples.

We wanted something that was easy for beginners to use, actually offered enough suction to be functional, felt comfortable and not cumbersome, and provided the results you wanted.

Turns out, you just need some water and the power of the Bathmate penis pumps to get it done.

Bathmate Hydromax Penis PumpsHow to Use Bathmate?

So, the Bathmate doesn't function like your standard penis pump. In fact, the Bathmate penis pump gets its name from its secret ingredient: water. Instead of being a dry-land penis pump, the Bathmate Hydromax and all of the other Bathmate penis pumps were designed to be used with water. For the least amount of mess, you can use them during the shower or bath, but once you get used to using the Bathmate penis pumps, you might find enough of a rhythm to use it near a water-safe environment without necessarily bathing.

If you're looking how to make Bathmate Hydromax start, you first need to get yourself comfortable. The manufacturer recommends five minutes of warm water in your shower/bath as a start, but you can do whatever helps your body relax - preferably in a warm environment.

If you're using the Hydropump to achieve stronger erections, at this point, we recommend sliding your favorite basic cock ring onto your penis. Avoid any large or vibrating cock rings as the thicker penis rings may interfere with the suction process - but the thin rings (like the Sportsheets Rubber Cock Rings or Blush Go Pro Cock Ring) will work great for helping your body keep the erection after you're done pumping.

From there, fill your Hydromax penis pump with as much water as possible, and press it against the body. We recommend warm water unless you're into some masochism with your penis pump. Cold sounds terrible!

Now that the water penis pump is pressed firmly against your body, you just press it further against your body to activate the suction mechanisms. See that springy pad at the base? That area compresses to achieve suction while water squirts out the top to make space with every "pump" of the penis pump.

There's no awkward tubing to fumble with, no squeeze bulb - none of it.
Just the penis pump itself needs to be pulled back into your body, over and over, until you feel taut - but comfortably so. If anything feels painful, press the release knob on the top of the pump, and the pump will instantly release. You can retry from step 1 - and try to end at a pressure that's not painful now that you have a better idea of what suction your body prefers.

Once you have this shower penis pump to the perfect suction for you, it should have a powerful enough seal to leave it on - hands-free - while you do other things. It won't be powerful enough to sustain being knocked against things, but depending on your body's construction, you might be able to get away with washing your hair or other grooming things while it does its job. The Bathmate Hydromax can be left on the body for up to 3 minutes - but you're free to remove it as soon as you feel you've achieved your strongest erection.

When you're ready to be done, just push down on the release valve at the top of the pump, and all of the suction will instantly release - allowing you to slide the penis pump off of the penis.

Then you'll have a nice, firm erection to play with - and if you added a cock ring, you have a while to play with it! The manufacturer, Bathmate, recommends massaging your penis for two minutes at this point, but we assume you have other plans for your penis that might be much more fun than a clinical "massage".
For another video that's a bit more graphic about how to use Bathmate effectively, this video is a great resource:

What Bathmate Hydromax Should I Get?

In order to function as best as possible, a penis pump chamber needs to be larger than your erection - but not TOO large. Too much excess space in a penis pump chamber means the pump doesn't work as effectively as it should - and obviously, when you pick up a penis pump, you want it to work to the best of its abilities.

That's why the Bathmate penis pumps are available in a variety of sizes within the different penis pump lines.

The number (like "5" or "7") refers to the sizing of the penis pump's chamber. Your erect penis shouldn't be any longer than this number. So if you have a 4" erect penis, go with the Hydromax5 penis pump. If you have a 6.5" erect penis, the Hydromax5 would be too small, so you'd need to go with the Hydromax7 penis pump.

That's all there is to know about figuring out what size Bathmate you should be. It's designed to be a simple system - and it is!

Bathmate Hydromax Penis PumpsGet to Know the Bathmate Penis Pumps a Bit Better

  • Waterproof and require water for play
  • See-through chamber for fun visuals
  • Built-in measurement panel
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • All Bathmates are designed to work with 6.5" girth or less while erect unless picking up "Wide" version
  • See specific Bathmate model for sizing information.
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