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Back to Sex Ed School Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Sex Education?

Published: OCTOBER 1, 2020
Take our sex education quiz to prove your sexpertise!

I don’t know about you, but at the age when we were all taught sex ed in school, I was way too young to understand most of what they were talking about.


It’s hard to absorb information about a topic when you have zero real-life experience with it. Additionally, the curriculum I was taught seems very "bare bones" now that I look back on it. Our experience of sex is about so much more than the necessities, especially when it comes to pleasure.

Sex education has come a long way since then and, thanks to the internet, we’re talking about it more openly in society than ever before.

We teamed up with Satisfyer to create this "Back to Sex Ed School" quiz to test how much you really learned in sex education!


Molly Lazarus

Molly Lazarus is a kink and sexuality writer based in the Bay Area. She dreams of a world where consent-loving hedonists can explore the depths of their depravity without fear of persecution or sexual abuse.

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