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B Swish BHandy Sleeve: New Toy to Know

Published: NOVEMBER 9, 2020 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
Sure a regular handy is dandy, but the B Swish BHandy Sleeve is dandier!

Looking to make masturbation exciting again? Using your own hand can be amazing, and we're never suggesting that you stop using your own hands for pleasure. But variety is the spice of life! Eating the same gourmet meal, every day, would get a bit tiring after a while as well - even if it was astoundingly pleasurable the first time around.

What if there was a simple way to vary sensations during your jerk-off session? Well, not to toot our own horn here, but there is! If you've been around Kinkly for awhile, you know that penis masturbation sleeves are totally a thing - and totally freakin' awesome for mixing up your penetrable pleasure once and awhile. Each penis sleeve is unique and provides a different sensation - which can keep things fresh.


Today, we want to highlight this week's New Toy to Know: the B Swish BHandy stroker. Every little part of the BHandy was especially crafted to make it a fantastic stroking toy that's easy to clean, orgasmic, AND perfect for partnered play when you feel like adding some toys to your coupled playtime.

What Makes BHandy So Unique?

The first thing you'll notice about the BHandy is its short length. Don't write it off quite yet! We know all-encompassing penis strokers can be amazing (and we highly recommend the Tenga Spinner if that's what you want!), but the BHandy's shorter length offers up some new possibilities.

For one, this keeps the cost down. The BHandy stroker sleeve is at a lower price point than a lot of other penis sleeves.

For another, this allows you to focus the pleasure on exactly the spots where you want it. This is especially helpful if you use penis strokers for edging. If you want to ride that razor-thin orgasmic edge, the BHandy can easily be used along the shaft for constant pleasure without touching the spots that set you off. Of course, it can also be used for full-strokes if that's what you want, too. The BHandy's smaller length is all about giving you the power to choose!

Plus, the B Swish BHandy's smaller length really lends itself well as a portable sleeve - or as a sleeve when discretion is a high priority. Since it's non-realistic and isn't the full-length of a "typical" penis stroker, it doesn't instantly scream "penis toy!" if someone were to come across it. Add that to the fact that it's packaged in this super-discreet black tube, and it easily looks like a tin container rather than an orgasmic toy for your penis.


Finally, this really lends itself well to being a penis masturbation sleeve to use with a partner. Not only does the BHandy offer a really great visual when your partner's watching (since they can see all the action!), but it also lends itself well to your partner's interaction too. The shorter length of the BHandy means it can be used as a stroker at the base of your shaft while your partner wraps their lips around the tip. Avoid hand fatigue AND make everything more pleasurable. WIn-win!

What Else Do I Need to Know about the B Swish BHandy?

Okay, so we already covered why that shorter length is freakin' awesome for pleasure. That isn't where the features stop, though.

Even though you'll want to use lube to make everything a slipping-and-sliding orgasmic experience, you don't have to let that get in the way of your fun. The BHandy is equipped with a textured exterior (and interior, obviously!) to help get a good grip on this penis stroker - even when your hands get a bit slippery.

The BHandy is fully waterproof with a removable interior sleeve. This means you can get some easy cleaning done after it wrings all of the orgasms out of your body. Slip out the sleeve, wash the case and the sleeve, and let them dry.

When everything is dry, the BHandy comes with two protective caps (for each end of the BHandy sleeve). These caps turn the BHandy into a small, discreet "container". That container could be anything when someone spots it in a bedside drawer or in your luggage.


Get the B Swish BHandy

Put all together, all of these amazing details make for a portable, partner-friendly penis masturbation stroker that's orgasmic, easy to clean-up, and amazing whether you want to edge - or go straight to the finish line.

Didn't we tell you this was an awesome New Toy to Know?

Learn More about the B Swish BHandy

  • Waterproof
  • TPE Sleeve (Removable for easy cleaning!)
  • ABS Plastic and Silicone Case
  • Exterior Diameter: 2.6"
  • Interior Diameter: 2.2"
  • Exterior Length: 3.6"
  • Interior Length: 3.2"


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