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And Kinkly’s Consumers’ Choice Award Goes to … LELO SONA Cruise!

by Kinkly
Published: JULY 24, 2019
This unique toy was voted as a favorite by Kinkly's readers, landing it the Kinkly Consumers' Choice Award.

Last week, Kinkly attended the Adult Novelty Manufacturer's Expo (ANME) in Burbank, California. And, guys, if you love sex toys like we do, it's pretty awesome. We got to see all the latest, greatest things designed to send you to orgasmic bliss - and talk to the cool people who come up with these ideas!


We also got to team up with StorErotica to present the Kinkly Consumer's Choice Award for sex toys. For the past three years, we've reached out to our readers to find out which toys are turning them on this year. After collecting the nominations,we put the most-nominated toys to a vote in early July.

This year, winner is ... the SONA Cruise from LELO.

Now, Kinkly reviewed this toy back when it was first released in 2017. You can read that review for yourself here, but at the time, we called it a toy that "produces one badass orgasm after another in short order."


We think this toy is beautiful, unique and packs a serious orgasmic punch. Apparently, a lot of our readers agreed with us on this one.

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A Little Bit About SONA Cruise

In case you aren't familiar with this product, we'll give you a bit of a rundown. LELO's SONA Cruise uses what it calls "sonic waves," rather than vibration, to deliver deep clitoral stimulation. According to LELO, this technology is what allows the toy to stimulate the deeper clitoris, the part that's way down deep in your body. And, of course, the more of the clitoris you are able to stimulate, the bigger and deeper an orgasm is likely to be.

"There's a distinct advantage to coddling your clit with blasts of air rather than vibration. Your friends may have to stage an intervention."


SONA Cruise also includes the "cruise" function, a setting that reserves full power for when the toy is pressed against the body. This is designed to ensure that the toy's power doesn't fizzle when you need it most.

Of course, SONA Cruise is also rechargeable, fully waterproof and made of body-safe silicone. We hope you'll check it out!

What Other Reviewers Have to Say About SONA Cruise

Clearly, our readers are fans of this toy, but you don't just take their (or our) word for it. Here are some other reviewers' thoughts about SONA Cruise.


"After only a few minutes, I experienced what I could only best describe as a 'sneaker' orgasm, one that hit me so quickly that it genuinely took me a second to realize I was, in fact, orgasming." - Julia Pugachevsky, Cosmopolitan

"SONA's performance ends with a standing ovation worthy orgasm ... when it comes, it overwhelms the whole body with a polyphony of pleasure." - Le Sex en Rose

"The SONA is a beautiful union of that aggression and refinement. And LELO’s claim that it stimulates 75% more of the clitoris is true for me." - Scandarella


"SONA delivers impeccable orgasms. Toe-clenching and STRONG, these orgasms don’t disappoint." - Miss Ruby Reviews

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