Amp Up: Advanced Electric Wand Play

Published: JUNE 30, 2015 | Updated: JANUARY 24, 2022
Using a neon or violet wand can be sexy and exciting, especially when you're ready to take your electrosex skills to the next level.

So, you read my intro to electroerotic wands article and are eager for more. Perhaps you have your own neon wand or violet wand and are ready to push it to the limit. This article will give you lots of clever ideas and introduce you to new tools that will take your wand play to the next level.


Wands are one of my favorite types of couples toys. They’re an exciting and novel form of sensation play, plus the ohhs, ahhs, moans, and giggles they elicit can help build intimacy between two (or more, if that’s your thing!) people. The things that you can do with wands, whether for erotic pleasure or titillating pain, are as limitless as your imagination.

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What Type of Wand Is Best?

The type of wand you use, neon or violet, is a matter of personal preference. I favor the neon wand because it’s much less expensive and more durable. If you like to bring pain into your play, violet wands have that as a clear advantage. They are much more powerful than the neon wands if (and only if) you play strictly with standard glass electrodes. Many of us, however, want to venture further than the basics. The majority of the accessories described below give neon wand users the ability to crank up the power and deliver as much hurt as a violet wand. For the sensual players, the intensity can also be turned down low for a more pleasurable experience.

When purchasing a wand one important rule applies: If the price is too good to be true, steer clear! Sites like Amazon and eBay are flooded with Kinklab Neon Wands in the neighborhood of $25. Unfortunately, these are mostly cheap knock-offs that don’t perform as advertised. Some have even been reported as dangerous. Always buy your wands from reputable sex toy sites. As a general rule of thumb, a basic Kinklab Neon Wand kit should retail in the $120 to $180 range. Starter violet wand kits typically start around $500 and can be as pricey as $1,200 depending on how many accessories are included.


Advanced Wand Techniques for Direct Play

Direct play is the most basic form of wand play. It’s also the type most of us are familiar with. To play direct, simply insert one of the glass electrodes in the base unit, turn it on, and wave it over your lover's skin. It’s pretty simple and can be a lot of fun. However, some folks feel limited by the number of electrodes they have; most kits come with four or five.

Violet Wand Rope

Violet wand rope can really amp up direct electrosex play. This type of rope has conductive metal fibers weaved through it and can be used with any type of wand. You can get fancy and weave a shibari chest harness around your partner or simply tie their wrists, breasts, penis and testicles, or whatever body part you desire. When you touch the glass electrode to the rope, the conductive fibers carry the electricity over a much wider surface area than an electrode alone covers. This changes the sensation and kicks up the intensity. Because knots contain more conductive fiber concentrated in one area, they can be particularly fun areas to shock. Want it more intense? Dampen the rope slightly with water before you tie it on.

Pipe Cleaners

You can turn hard bristle pipe cleaners into amazing electrosex toys as well. These pipe cleaners contain metal fibers and are often found in tobacco shops. Wrap them around penis and testicles, nipples, or weave them through fingers and toes. Just like the violet wand rope, they carry electricity from a glass electrode and can deliver quite a bite.


Light Bulb Adapter

A light bulb adapter, sometimes called an Edison adapter, can really expand your direct play options. This attachment allows you to plug a standard-sized light bulb into the base of your wand. Now you have as many electrode attachments at your disposal as you can find in the light bulb section in your local home improvement store! Pointy flame shaped bulbs, round globe lights, and LED bulbs will all create drastically different sensations. This attachment even illuminates burned out bulbs.

To take your light bulb attachment a step further, screw a lamp socket outlet adapter into it. These can be found at the hardware store for about $2. You can now plug a string of holiday lights into the wand turning them into a festive, electrically charged whip. Each bulb that comes into contact with the skin delivers a charge. Drag it slowly and sensually over your lover's body or get a little frisky and use it like a makeshift flogger. Make sure to use a short 5-6 foot string of lights because longer strings don’t carry electricity as well.

Advanced Wand Techniques for Indirect and Reverse Play

Indirect and reverse wand play are pretty similar. They both require a body contact attachment. My preferred body contact is the Power Tripper because it’s easiest to hold, inexpensive (about $45), and long lasting.


For indirect play, the top (person doing the shocking) holds the body contact, which causes the electric charge to flow through their entire body. In other words, they become the electrode. When they touch the bottom (person receiving the sensations) electricity leaps from their skin to the bottom’s skin. They both feel the shock.

Reverse play is the opposite. In this case, the bottom holds the body contact, which turns them into the electrode. When the partners touch they both feel the shock just like in indirect play. Reverse play, however, allows the top more mobility to move around, which many people prefer.

Sounds fun, right? Just imagine electrified oral sex!


Using Conductive Metal

Now what happens when we add conductive metal to the mix? Aluminum, copper, silver and gold are some of the most conductive metals. Raid your kitchen drawers for things like forks, skewers, and tin foil. Touch them to the bottom's skin while they are holding the body contact to generate quite a shock! Because the top is keeping constant contact with the item by holding it, only the bottom feels the electricity. Each item will have a different feel, making the possibilities endless. You can also use specialty items sold at sex shops like paddles, mylar floggers, wartenberg pinwheels, and prickly nerve brushes. Put metal items in the freezer beforehand to add temperature play to the mix.

Knife Play Alternative

Indirect and reverse play are also a great alternative for people who want to engage in knife roleplay with minimal risk. You can use a dull knife or even something as benign as the handle end of a butter knife to deliver sharp electric pain as it’s lightly moved along the skin. In this type of scene, you can simulate the pain and excitement of a sharp knife without even causing a scratch.

What Else Can I Do With Wands?

Some people use wands for branding, fire play, or in conjunction with play piercing. Although this type of play can be fun, it can also be very intense and dangerous. Because these techniques are more at a master's level, they require intense knowledge and training. I highly recommend reaching out to your local dungeon or BDSM educational group if you’re interested in learning more about this type of edge play.


Have I piqued your interest? Are you ready to take your electrosex to the next level? Remember, before you dive in, make sure you’ve thoroughly read my beginner's article, which covers the basics including important health and safety precautions.

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