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Amazing Sex Toys for Queer Couples

Published: JANUARY 24, 2022 | Updated: MARCH 10, 2022
Pleasure shouldn't be limited by what you've got in your pants! Regardless of the number of vaginas or penises in your relationship, these sex toys for Queer couples will get you tingling. 

Hit up any sex toy store, and you'll likely find an entire section devoted to couple's sex toys. For the past ten years, that might have meant an entire collection of sex toys designed for a couple that includes someone with a vagina and someone with a penis.

Nowadays, though, times are a-changin', so with a bit of extra hunting, you might find some options designed for couples of other gender configurations - and those who identify outside of the gender spectrum entirely. Whether you and your partner have two vaginas, two penises, anything in-between, or you're having an awesome orgy full of people of different pleasure parts, some of these couple's sex toys are designed for non-binary couples, gay couples, lesbian couples, and group sex scenarios:


Wild Flower Enby 2

Sex Toys for Queer Couples - Wild Flower Enby 2

Designed to pleasure all anatomies, the Wild Flower Enby 2 is a gender-free sex toy - much like the Cute Little Fuckers toys. Every inch of the Wild Flower Enby 2 was designed to offer a different sensation - that easily works for different erogenous zones.

There are so many ways to use the Enby 2 as a couple. Lay it flat to provide a pleasurable surface to grind against - all while you enjoy its powerful vibrations. Pick it up and curl its wings in order to wrap it around a penis. Slide it between a strap-on harness and your body to enjoy its targeted vibrations during strap-on sex. Slip it into a pair of snug underwear to hold it in place for hands-free use. It really is designed to be the "jack of all trades" of sex toys!

(We have an entire Wild Flower Enby 2 review for more info!)


Together Toy

Sex Toys for Queer Couples - Together Toy

One of the first of its kind, the Together Toy isn't simply a double-sided dildo. The Together Toy is packed full of technology that enables its Echo functionality. Special, built-in pressure sensors on each end of the Together Toy allow both partners to share in the same sensations. So, as one person gets closer to orgasm (and their body tightens around the Together Vibe!), the vibrations on the other end of the Together Toy will increase in intensity! Talk about an amazing way that a sex toy can help bring people together!

The Together Toy was designed to work with two partners who both have vulvas, but you can get creative if that isn't your set up. The Together Toy includes flexible shafts with clitoral "rabbit" attachment points to hit multiple erogenous zones at once.

VeDO Grip

Sex Toys for Queer Couples - VeDO Grip


A vibrating, textured stroker that's open-ended on both sides, the VeDO Grip can easily transition between a solo toy to a couple's toy. Simply slide the head of both penises into either ends of the stroker - and pop on the vibrations. With the VeDO Grip's 3.6" length, it won't cover much of the shaft, but it'll provide 10 vibration intensities on some of the most sensitive parts of the penises: the heads.

(Protip! Two penises may also be able to share other dual, open-ended
strokers like the BSwish BHandy or the Firefly Yoni. Especially if shopping online, look for strokers that offer holes on both ends that look like they're of similar size - and ensure the sleeve is long enough to pleasure the length of the shaft you're both looking to pleasure!)

Satisfyer Multifun 3

Sex Toys for Queer Couples - Satisfyer Multifun 3

Similar to the Wild Flower Enby 2, the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3's claim to fame is its unique design that's crafted to pleasure multiple erogenous zones with the single toy. Its long, tapered handle/shaft and rotating head offer a gender neutral design that can work fantastically between bodies of any gender.

Wrap the looped part of the head around the penis - or let it encircle a nipple. Insert the long, tapered shaft - or use that part as a handle. Hold the long, vibrating handle of the Partner Multifun 3 up against the penis or labia for diffused pleasure - or use the tips to get the sensations into targeted spots. No matter what you choose, the Multifun 3 has three separate motors to ensure the vibrations get where you want them to be.


(Protip: The Satisyfer Multifun 3's product page pictures include inspirational examples about different ways to use the toy. You can also get some inspo from our Satisfyer Multifun 3 review.)

Wet for Her Fusion

Sex Toys for Queer Couples- Wet for Her Fusion

Great for strap-on sex between two vulva owners, the base of the Wet for Her Fusion dildos features a clitoris-pleasuring base crafted to add more sensation to the wearer during strap-on sex. The super-smooth silicone slides in easily while the base ensures the harness wearer gets to enjoy themselves as well.

(Already have a
dildo you love? Consider the Bumpher or Honeybunch instead. These dildo attachments wrap around the base of your favorite dildo to instantly add clitoris-friendly designs right to your favorite strap-on toys! In the same vein, if you need vibrations with your strap-on sex, consider the Strap-on-Me Bendable Vibrating Strapless dildo!)


Nexus Simul8

Sex Toys for Queer Couples - Nexus Simul8

The perfect mix of a cock ring and a prostate massager, the Nexus Simul8 provides targeted p-spot stimulation while simultaneously hardening an erection and increasing stamina during intercourse. Perfect for the penetrating partner during anal sex, the vibrations of the Simul8 can transfer through the perineum - and into the base of the wearer's shaft too. Now both partners can enjoy simultaneous anal stimulation during anal intercourse!

(If you'd rather p-spot stimulation with more autonomous movement, the
Nexus Revo Embrace offers a similar design - but with remote control and a twirling, p-spot head.)

We-Vibe Bond

Sex Toys for Queer Couples - We-VIbe Bond


While panty vibrators and remote-controlled vaginal egg vibrators steal most of the "remote control sex toy" spotlight, the We-Vibe Bond is a recent introduction to the sex toy scene that can help even the playing field. The We-Vibe Bond vibrator wraps around the base of the penis with a snug, yet comfortable, ring.

Now, hand the remote to your partner and enjoy the pleasurable vibrations that press up against the perineum - and transmit throughout the shaft!

Rocks-Off Ruby Glow

Sex Toys for Queer Couples - Ruby Glow Rider

A hands-free, saddle vibrator, you "sit" on this vibrator to receive all of the benefits it has to offer. While Ruby Glow's unique design was crafted to work best to pleasure the sensitive flesh of the vulva and clitoris, anyone with any genitals can sit on its firm, pressure-applying surface. As it does its job, you'll still have your hands free to pleasure one another - making it the perfect vibe to add into your couple's sex toy sessions.

Protip: If you're hoping to place the vibrator on top of one partner's thigh for the other to "ride", I recommend the Wild Flower Enby 2 instead of the Ruby Glow. The Ruby Glow is fantastic, but its firm plastic base makes it less comfortable to have pressed into a thigh than the soft, flexible edges of the Enby 2.

Liberator Sex Toy Mounts

Sex Toys for Queer Couples - Liberator Sex Toy Mounts

Regardless of what gender you are, Liberator Sex Toy Mounts provide a huge opportunity for a lot of pleasure - and much of it hands-free. These pieces of sex toy furniture hold your favorite sex toys in place - which lets you both easily use your favorite toys while simultaneously keeping your hands free to touch one another. It's a win-win!

For example, the Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog or Liberator Fleshlight On a Mission hold a Fleshlight masturbation sleeve in the perfect spot for doggy style or missionary position. (Respectively). One partner can easily slide into the perfectly-held penis stroker while enjoying anal sex with their partner. Pleasure for everyone!

Alternatively, the Liberator Tula offers a lot of pleasure possibilities for those with vulvas. Simultaneously use a vibrator and a wand massager at the same time while close enough to make out and explore each other's bodies. The Liberator BonBon, Liberator Axis, and Liberator Wing offer similar sex furniture benefits - just one toy at a time though, these ones don't have the ability to simultaneously use a dildo and wand massager.

Get Creative!

Of course, regardless of what pleasure areas make up your coupled existence, you can always get creative with almost any toy to make it a "couples" sex toy.

Some simple ways to turn any standard sex toy into the perfect addition to your coupled playtime:

  • Especially when it comes to large vibrators (like wand massagers), it's possible to press your bodies together to share the intense sensations the vibrator may provide.
  • Electrosex doesn't have a gender! While not often thought of when thinking of sex toys, something like a TENS Unit Powerbox includes four electrodes - which can be placed anywhere regardless of your body type! The electrical impulses, when placed correctly, can even lead to hands-free orgasms. (Talk about fun!) The Kinklab Neon Wand can be equally fun for couples to share.
  • Super stretchy penis strokers (like the Tenga Eggs) can make it possible to slide two penises into your stroker simultaneously, side-by-side. Think of it like double penetration - only it's of a sex toy!

It's all about experimenting, having fun, and using your favorite sex toys as the pleasure tools they are. If you're doing that, you're doing great.

Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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