Clitorises and vulvas dig oral sex. We're speaking broadly here, of course - everyone is different - but a lot of them do! After all, the tongue can provide unique sensations that are just soooo sexy. Plus, oral is super-intimate and hard to imitate without a willing partner.

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Or ... maybe not. LELO's ORA 2 is a clitoral stimulator that's designed to provide an experience like oral sex, one you can enjoy all by yourself! ORA 2 has a firm "tongue" coated in silky-smooth silicone that can swirl and flick just like the real deal. LELO sent us an ORA 2 so we could unpack it for you and give it a try. It is beautiful, luxurious, stylish and designed just for your (oral) pleasure. Check out our video, where we test it out and show you what it can do.