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9 Ways to Use a Wand Massager in the Bedroom

Published: APRIL 23, 2020 | Updated: MARCH 11, 2022
Wand vibrators are classics for a reason. Here are nine super-hot ways you can use a wand massager in your sex life!

With their powerful vibrations, wand massagers have quickly become a "must have" toy for a lot of people who enjoy deep, rumbly vibrations. While their larger size allows for the wand to provide an intense experience, it also can reduce some of the stereotypical "ways to use" a sex toy.


But all is not lost! In fact, with a bit of creativity, you can use the length, unique design, and power of your wand massager to your advantage.

Here are nine awesome ways you can use a wand massager!

1. For Solo Masturbation

When most of us think of a wand massager in use, the first thought that pops into our head is the visage of a lovely person splayed out in bed as they press the massager to their most-sensitive parts.


And you know what? Wand massagers can be amazing for solo masturbation! However, that isn't the only way you can use a wand massager in the bedroom. You'll just need to think outside the box.

2. At the Base of a Dildo

So what if your dildo doesn't vibrate? It can now! With a bit of help from a wand massager, your regular dildo can become a vibrating dildo.

Press the vibrator up against the base of your dildo while its inside you, and enjoy the instant vibrations that get transferred through the material of your toy.


plusOne vibrating wand vibrator

3. For a Teasing Show

Remember how we talked about that mental image we all get about solo masturbation with a wand massager? Why not use it to your advantage? Tease your partner with an erotic show - starring you!

Use the wand massager on yourself and allow your partner to watch. If you have a bit of a sadist side (and you're both into it!), consider binding up your partner's wrists so they're forced to watch - with no pleasure of their own. Otherwise, this can be a fantastic time to encourage your partner to touch themselves to the sight of you.


4. During Penetrative Sex

If penetrative intercourse is something you enjoy with your partner, a wand massager can be a lovely addition to the receptive partner's bliss. Instead of attempting to focus on moving hands and fingers for the receptive partner's pleasure, everyone can just lay back and focus on the connection between their bodies.

Plus, with a powerful wand massager, the toy's vibrations will most-likely be felt throughout the entirety of the receptive partner's body. The penetrating partner might actually feel a soft, added sensation from the vibrations!

We recommend a sex position that involves a bit of space between your bodies to have comfortable room to use the wand massager. Doggy style can be a fantastic fit.


diagram of doggy style sex position using wand massager vibrator

Having sex with the receptive partner against the edge of the bed while the penetrating partner is standing beside the bed can also be a lovely way to include a wand vibrator. Both positions allow for maneuvering room for the toy.

5. For a Shared Sensation

While this might take some experimentation to find a position that works for the two of you, a wand massager can be shared between two bodies. As wand massagers are generally pretty large, you get a lot of surface area to split between two people. This can work great - no matter what genitals you have - as long as you can find a comfortable position.


Penis-owning individuals will find that the power of a strong wand massager can be more-than-enough - especially if partnered with a bit of a back-and-forth stroking motion while grinding against the massager. One person can use one side of the wand massager while another can use the opposing side of the massager head.

Not only does this put you in close, intimate contact, but it can be perfectly orgasmic!

6. In the Tub

Take self-care to a new level when using a waterproof wand massager. Draw yourself a bath, sprinkle in your favorite scents and soaps, and play some sensual music. You might even consider taking an erotic book with you!

When you're ready, your waterproof wand massager can make a perfect bath-time ending to your sexual interlude - with a clean-up shower already built-in!

plusOne vibrating wand massager vibrator with box

7. That Necessary Quickie

A wand massager is a perfect partner for a necessary bedroom quickie. With its intense power, these strong vibrators are exactly what you need when you want a no-nonsense orgasm - as quickly as possible.

Just make sure you plan ahead for the noise level of your wand massager (if it's on the loud side) by throwing on some music or the television first!

8. Bondage Potential

Unlike most vibrators and sex toys, a wand massager tends to have a long, non-vibrating handle - with all of the vibrations focused on the head of the toy. This makes it a perfect addition to bondage.

While you can find wand massager "belts" to hold the toy in place, you also can make-your-own using bondage rope and double column ties. This can easily hold the toy in place for hands-free pleasure - especially if you want to have your hands free for other activities while still pleasuring your partner.

9. Explore Some Attachments

If your wand massager is compatible with attachments, you can add even more versatile pleasure to your sex toy. Attachments, which are just like "hats" for your wand massager, offer new ways to use your wand massager.

Attachments vary widely in use too. Some attachments will just change the texture of the head of your massager. Other attachments will literally "attach" a dildo to the wand massager for penetrative use.

Go Get Yourself a Wand Massager!

Maybe you were picturing your favorite wand massager in your mind the whole time you were reading this article – or maybe your mouth is just salivating with the idea of picking up a wand massager now.

plusOne vibrating wand massager vibrator in box

Might we recommend the plusOne Vibrating Wand? With ten different pleasure settings and a fully waterproof design, the plusOne Wand Massager offers an affordable introduction into the magical and creative world of wand massagers. Fully rechargeable and made from body-safe silicone, we know you're going to have a blast!

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