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8 Top-Rated Sex Toys That’ll Sweeten Your Sex Life

by Kinkly
Published: JULY 29, 2015 | Updated: APRIL 16, 2020
For many people, the right sex toy can create a whole new level of sexual pleasure.

Does partnered sex need sex toys? No. No it does not. Our bodies - and all their beautiful limbs, openings and appendages - offer a full buffet of erotic possibilities. But should you consider bringing a few sex toys to bed with you anyway? Yes. Yes you should. Because for many people, the right sex toy can be like a lightning bolt, its sudden flash illuminating a whole new level of sexual pleasure, spontaneity and play. Plus, sometimes a little novelty is just what the doctor ordered.


Want to add sex toys to your sexual repertoire? Here are eight highly rated pleasure products that'll help make sex sweeter than ever.

We-Vibe 4

We-Vibe is a pioneer in couples' sex toys - and it shows. One of the company's more recent incarnations of a wearable couples' vibrator, We-Vibe 4, is silky smooth to the touch, beautifully contoured and, by providing intense vibration to the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, can turn ho-hum intercourse into the best sex of your life. This unique toy is designed to be worn during partnered sex, but it provides many other fun options too. Wear it while receiving oral sex, use it to put a little extra oomph into foreplay, or bring it into the bathtub or shower - this baby is 100% waterproof. Oh, and guys take note: this toy isn't just for the wearer. Men report loving the additional tightness and vibration this provides when they're having sex with a female partner.

Aneros Anal Stimulators

Many people describe their first anal orgasm as having the same mind-blowing intensity as their very first orgasm. For those who have a prostate, anal stimulation can open up a whole new world of sensation - and a different type of orgasm. And many report enjoying anal stimulation as part of partnered sex. Who knew the lowly behind could lead the charge when it comes to sexual pleasure? One great way to explore this area is with one of the many anal stimulators by Aneros. From the Progasm Classic to the vibrating Vice, to the Helix Syn, this line has all the shapes and sizes to ensure just the right fit.


LELO Mona 2

Sex toy reviewers love the MONA 2. Love, love, love it. When someone who owns more than 500 sex toys tell you, point blank, to buy this toy, well, it's definitely worth considering. When she says she owns backups, you listen. When she tells you to dump your boyfriend and get one, you freaking DO it.

OK. Epiphora was being disingenuous on that one. But you get the idea. This G-spot vibrator is legendary - and its long slender handle make it great for clitoral stimulation during intercourse too. Combine that with excellent vibration power, long battery life, silky smooth silicone and a fully waterproof exterior and - according to just about everyone who tries this vibe - you have one hell of a sex toy.


LELO Luna Beads

Maybe you read "Fifty Shades of Grey" and were intrigued by Ana's use of Ben Wa balls. Or, maybe you hated that book with the fire of a thousand yeast infections. Whatever. Either way, LELO's LUNA Beads are essentially a more refined, user-friendly version of the ones Ana wears in the book. And they're fantastic. OK, so LUNA Beads aren't necessarily a sex toy, per se. They are designed to be worn in the vagina, and by holding them there, the wearer exercises the vaginal muscles, which are key to powerful and satisfying orgasms. And although they won't produce orgasms on their own, wearing them can be pretty arousing as the small, weighted ball shifts around in its housing as you move around. Or, as in "Fifty Shades," provides a lovely internal tickle while you receive an erotic spanking

TENGA Flip Hole

Toys for women tend to steal the show, especially when it comes to partnered sex, but there's no reason why men shouldn't have their playthings too. If you're looking to provide a night of pleasure for a male partner, the TENGA Flip Zero might be a unique way to do it. This top-of-the-line masturbation sleeve is often used solo, but when this mind-blowing hand job is delivered by a sexy partner, the results can be that much, well, um, explosive.

Mystim Pure Vibes Nervstimulator

Electrosex isn't just for those who like pain with their pleasure. It can range from an erotic tickle to a powerful punch, but no matter which way you like it, it has the power to light your sex life right up. The Mystim Tension Lover is a great kit to get you started. It's designed to power two toys at the same time (dildos and butt plugs and vibes, oh my!), and has various pre-set programs. If you love getting your sexy scientist on, this unique toy provides everything you need to enjoy a little erotic experimentation


Hitachi Magic Wand

We're fond of innovation, but the legendary Magic Wand got it right way back in 1968, when it was first released for sale in the United States. This "massager" has high-powered vibrations designed to turn you into a puddle of goo in all of about five minutes. It isn't discreet. It isn't quiet. It isn't waterproof. What it it is is a legend. You've probably seen this badass vibe in pornography, but even at home, it has the clout to add some serious star power to an everyday romp with your partner.


No couple's pleasure chest is complete without a cock ring, and LELO's TOR II is one of the best on the market. Unlike so many of the flimsy, buzzy options out there, TOR is a high-powered, high quality ring with all the features you'd expect from a luxury sex toy. It's rechargeable, made of high-quality silicone, is completely waterproof and includes six vibration modes. Oh, and unlike most other cock rings, the TOR vibrates everywhere, ensuring maximum pleasure for both partners.

What's your favorite sex toy to use when you're playing with a partner? Share it with us in the comments!



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