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8 Shower Sex Positions That Are Both Possible and Fantastic

Published: JANUARY 13, 2021 | Updated: MARCH 29, 2022
Shower sex is inherently sexy, but if there's one thing that'll make it great, it's the right sex position.

What is it about shower sex that gets our juices flowing? After all, if we're thinking about it logically, you and your partner will be attempting to have sex in a small, slippery area, one that often comes with a time limit (when the water runs cold!) Despite the logical reasons to avoid shower sex let's be real: It can be hot as hell.


Is it the sensual feel of warm water droplets dripping down the body we love so much, or the sensuality of getting "dirty" in a place where you're supposed to be getting "clean"? No matter what you love about it, there's one thing that really help make it work and that's the right sex position.

Shower sex is not the time for ninja-style sex positions. Remember, you are in a small slippery area with plenty of sharp corners! When it comes to shower sex, simple is best - and simple is even better when you add a few key waterproof sex toys. Ready to begin? Consider these smoking-hot shower sex positions. They're simple, fun, practical and totally fantastic fun.

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Slippery Rear Sex Position

If you and your partner's heights match up, this standing sex position will be one of the easiest to pull off. The receptive partner stands and bends over in front of the penetrating partner. This is one sexy, dripping-wet show here, people. You with me? Now, the receptive partner may want to steady themselves with their hands on the walls of the shower or the shower faucet (depending on the layout of your shower). Just stick it on and away you go!

soaking wet doggy shower sex position

The Slippery Rear Sex position is also an easy one to add some waterproof sex toys to! For example, in the picture above, the penetrating partner is using the Satisfyer Love Triangle to stimulate the receiving partner's clitoris.


The Ballerina Shower Position

Standing and facing each other when you're dripping wet and slippery with soap suds can take ordinary standing missionary to extraordinary heights - like in the Ballerina Shower position. Want some extra rumbles? Try adding a waterproof wand massager, like the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman (pictured below) or the LELO Smart Wand Medium!

Ballerina shower sex position with sex toy

In the image above, the penetrating partner is using the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman to help massage and relax the receiving partner's hip and sacral area. However, you could easily use a wand massager in this position to stimulate many different erogenous zones!


Wrap Around Position

How about you just stop worrying about balance and start thinking about pleasure? If that's your mindset, consider plopping your butts down on the floor of the shower instead of standing for the Wrap Around position. With the penetrating partner sitting down, the receptive partner can sit on top of the penetrating partner and control the speed and the depth. Not only does this take your minds off of balancing, but it can feel like a more intimate, long-lasting experience, all made more fun by the warm, relaxing water pouring down.

Cowgirl Shower Sex Position

Wet Lap Dance Position

Are you lucky enough to be playing in a shower that has a built-in ledge for sitting? If so, the Wet Lap Dance position is going to be perfect. The penetrating partner sits down on the ledge while the receptive partner backs themselves up to sit on their partner's lap. This position can be a serious thigh workout, so consider putting more weight onto the penetrating partner's lap. This position rocks because it leaves both partners' hands free for exploring!


Seated Shower Sex Position

Shower Oral

We don't often think of the shower as a place to play with oral, but it can be! Not only does it reduce the delicate balancing act that intercourse requires, but it doesn't depend so heavily on lubrication. May we recommend that you treat your partner to a little, extra wet oral play with the Tongue Tied position? After all, you'll both be squeaky-clean and fresh. Enjoy watching their wet body writhe and pleasure them to their (and your) heart's content.

Middle Stump Oral Sex Shower Position


Bend Over Boyfriend Position

If you've never tried pegging, the shower probably isn't the best place to start, but it can be a good place to continue your pegging pleasures if the two of you want simple clean-up before and after. With a waterproof strap-on harness and the dildo of your choice, you can practice your thrusting skills with your partner in any position you like. May we suggest the standing doggy position Bend Over Boyfriend?

Bend Over Bathtub Position

If you have a bathtub, it can provide plenty of fun angles to play with. Why not use them with the Bend Over Bathtub position? Try this tub-gripper by getting down on your knees. Here, one partner kneels behind the other and places their hands on the partner-in-front's thighs and hips for leverage. Both of your can also grip the tub edge for leverage and stability. Now just try to not get water on the floor - we dare you!

bend over bathtub sex position doggy style in a bathtub

Simple Touch for Two

Not all sex positions have to be about penetration. If the hot water tank is running low, consider sharing the body washing responsibilities for a perfect prelude that can lead straight into touching more intimate areas - either in the shower or out. Waterproof shower vibrators can be a perfect addition to this fun. For example, the partners below are using the Satisfyer Multifun 3 to explore each others' erogenous zones!

Shower sex position

A Few Shower Sex Tips

Are you getting all steamed up? Now that you're raring to give shower sex a go, here are some key tips to keep in mind.

You Need Lube

Water can wash away some of the vagina's natural lubricant, which can lead to some not-so-pleasant penetration. Consider silicone-based lubricant to solve that problem. But do apply it carefully - it's the last thing you want on the floor of your shower!

Invest in a Plush Shower Mat

The floor of a bathtub or shower can be a pretty hard surface to kneel on. If you're going to be doing kneeling positions, consider a very-plush shower mat or a folded towel to take the pressure off your knees.


If shower sex becomes a go-to for you, don't be afraid to accessorize. Look for shower stools, grab bars, waterproof sex toys and anything else that might make your play more fun, more comfortable and more, well, doable. Awesome shower sex is possible. And when you get it right, it can be fantastic.

How to Have Amazing Shower Sex

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