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7 Ways to Use Lube (Including CBD Lube) for the Best Masturbation Ever

Published: APRIL 18, 2022 | Updated: JULY 21, 2022
Lube makes everything better. Doesn’t it just make sense to incorporate lube into your solo sexytime adventures?

We all need a good friend. You know the type: always there to help you with tight situations, always there to make sure everything goes smooth. A good friend who is readily on hand to get you through when life is beating you up and down.


Kinda makes sense that lube is often referred to as your sex life’s best friend, amirite?

It is impossible to discount the many benefits of lubrication when it comes to solo sex. Just one little squeeze from a bottle can make an uncomfortable situation turn to pure ecstasy.

Plus, people have been using lubricants of all sorts for many generations. So why hasn’t lube taken off as a masturbation tool? Doesn’t it just make sense to incorporate lube into your solo sexytime adventures?


Let’s put a new shine on lube. Here are seven ways to slide it into your solo sex life:

1. Use Lube on Different Body Parts

It is perfectly natural to think of lube only in the context of your most friction-gathering parts. It is the lotion that makes the motion, after all.

More often than not, you’re going to put lube on your vulva or penis or in and around your vagina and anus.


However, don’t discount the possibility of applying lube to a wide variety of other body bits to enhance the masturbation sensations. Think about your most sensitive areas—such as your nipples, inner elbows and knees and armpits. Now, imagine them slick with lube and your fingers dancing in that slickness.

Yes, it's as fun as it sounds.

2. Try CBD Lube

The sex product business is booming! There are so many different vibes, dildos, strokers, eggs and more that will curl your toes when you’re spending sexytime with your body.


And keeping up the pace is the variety of lubes available.

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A CBD lube, such as Lora DiCarlo Well-Balanced CBD, has the added benefit of increasing blood flow to our genitals—a process that is essential in creating optimal conditions for arousal, lubrication, sensitivity and orgasm. CBD lube can also increase sensitivity while reducing inflammation during sex, to promote pleasure while decreasing pain.


If you go for water-based CBD lube, you'll get less stickiness and more silkyness and it will also being compatible with condoms and toys!

3. Explore Different Lube Sensations

We are often told variety is the spice of life.

If you’re looking to spice up your solo sex life, exploring different types of lube is a great way to do just that. You can discover the differences between water-based and silicone. You can enjoy temperature differences with heating and cooling lubes. There are different scents, lubes with flavor and more! (And hey, here’s another reason to mention the opportunities that come with trying CBD lube.)


Masturbation offers a great opportunity to expand your playful palate.

4. Normalize Lube

This is a bit of a deviation from the main topic here, but one way you “use” lube to increase your please is to talk about lube with your lovers, your friends and, well, just about anyone else to whom it is appropriate to talk about sex. Lube has, for far too long, been considered a tool of last resort. Just a necessity for those who “fail” at producing enough lubrication on their own.

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This unfortunate belief has given lube, and the folks who both need and enjoy it, a bad reputation that needs to be cast off! By normalizing the idea, through casual conversation and use, that lube is super fun, super essential, super easy and super normal, we can bring folks back to the idea that sexual pleasure and sexual function work and belong together.

So, don’t hide that bottle of lube in a drawer. Don’t scurry it out of the living room if people come for a visit. Keep it handy to let it be informative and helpful in many different ways.

You never know what you’ll learn from others too!

5. Let it Linger

At what point do you bring lube into your self-pleasure parties? Have you ever consciously thought about this? Is your lube use situational or sensational?

Most folks bring lube in when they need it. They aren’t feeling naturally lubricated enough or they want play in a way that needs some slickness, such as anal fun. This line of thinking really plays into the idea that lube is a tool.

But what if you just start using lube for lube’s sake? Imagine, right at beginning of a self-love session, adding lube to your favourite bits and pieces…but not actually touching those parts. Concentrate on other parts of your body or watch some porn or read some erotica. Just feel the lube, and the potential sensations it brings, on your skin. Add fans and heaters to the mix to increase your sensation exploration.

And then slowly…so slowly…begin to touch those parts…

6. Add Lube to Sex Toys

This suggestion might seem a little self-evident, but sometimes we set our minds to masturbatory mmmm and we just reach over for our favorite toy. Some toys definitely require lube, but others can be used without. The dry approach can still feel great, but if you add some lube, the sensations can be off the hook!

With vibrators in particular, the lube can amplify the intensity of the vibration.

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7. Make a Sex Nerd Spreadsheet of Your Faves and Misses

Some people really get off on being a sex nerd. Have some fun with yourself, enjoy some sexy solo time and then mark the results in a spreadsheet. Graph it, chart it, document it...oh my.

For sure, experimenting with different ways to incorporate lube into your masturbation is definitely worthy of some deep-diving research and delicious documentation.

The Bottom Line

Here are some things lube is not:

  • A last resort.
  • Only a tool.
  • For partner play only.

And here are some things lube is:

  • Totally normal.
  • Sometimes necessary!
  • A way to usher new worlds of pleasure into solo and partnered sex.

On board? We thought so.

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