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7 Tips for Purchasing Giant Sex Toys

Published: JULY 13, 2016 | Updated: APRIL 21, 2020
Some adventurous people want to conquer the largest sex toys the world has to offer. But you don't just want to buy the biggest - you want to buy the best.

While many people are quite content with average-sized sex toys, there are some adventurous people out there who really want to conquer the largest sex toys the world has to offer. If you consider yourself one of those conquistadors, congratulations! Using large toys offers an entirely different sensation from standard-sized toys. The stretching sensation can be exquisite, and many people love the idea of having a toy to "conquer." If you're stepping up in size though, you don't just want the biggest toy - you also want the best.


A Quick Word About Safety

Picking out a gigantic sex toy can take a little bit of time. You want a toy that's going to please you, but it also needs to be one that can challenge you. While the selection of huge sex toys isn't nearly as expansive as standard-sized toys, it can still provide you with a big decision to make. Taking your time to explore your options will ensure you get a good pick. Of course, understanding safety behind playing with your new toy can make you a much more educated shopper.

Whether you want to use giant sex toys vaginally or anally, the safety precautions are similar. While using these giant sex toys should help stretch the area and may be temporarily uncomfortable, it should never be downright painful. When you start to experience pain that doesn't subside or gets more intense, it's time to tone it down or stop. Remember that your body will have some size tolerance variance by the day, and there's nothing stopping you from resuming a larger size on another day when it's more pleasurable. Taking care of your body is the priority here. To help reduce any pain or potential problems, make sure that your body is thoroughly turned on and that you've saturated yourself and the toy in lubricant.

Now that you're ready to shop for you new toy, here are seven tips to help you make your choice.


Accessorize for Prep

You might not think it's important, but when playing with such giant sex toys, you definitely need to have the right accessories. For those who are playing with long and thick toys in the butt, you may want to consider a preparatory enema to minimize any unwanted mess during play. When it comes to bigger toys, you definitely need to have a good bottle of your favorite lube - and ensure there's a lot of that lubricant. Avoid numbing lubricants. Not only do they numb the area and reduce any warning signs of pushing too far, but they also reduce pleasure! You may also consider a towel to put under your play space; many people find using large toys to be exhausting, and you may not want to get up and clean your toy as soon as you're done.

Know Your Limits

Just like anything that may push your body to the limits, you need to have a good idea of what your body can handle with giant sex toys. This will determine what type of toy you should purchase. It's always better to start small; many people who enjoy the stretching sensation of giant toys will slowly purchase more toys for their toy box as they continue to desire more stretch. 1.5 inches in diameter tends to be a good starting point for most newbies if they have no idea what their tolerance would be. Feel free to purchase a larger toy if you already know 1.5 inches is a breeze for you. At any rate, it's better to start small and work your way up than to end up with a toy that's just too big for you to use comfortably and pleasurably.

Contemplate Tapering

Tapering at the tip of your potential giant sex toy is a pretty large point (no pun intended) of discussion. A "taper" is when a sex toy has a smaller diameter at the tip that grows larger towards the base. Some people really love a taper at the tip of a large toy as it helps them get into the stretch gradually. Some people prefer thickness right off the bat. For beginners, a sex toy with tapering is almost always recommended as it makes it much easier to insert the toy slowly and avoid any pain. However, make sure to think about this and figure out what you'd prefer in your sex toy.


Ponder Vibrations

You might find that the sensation of being stretched to your limits is pleasurable and intense enough. However, some people enjoy the addition of vibrations at the same time. While finding standard vibrating dildos is usually an easy task, they can become harder to find once you start purchasing giant sex toys. Either scout out a giant sex toy equipped with vibrations or consider pressing a separate vibrator to the base of your toy (once inserted) to cause the entire thing to vibrate.

Think About the Design

For some reason, huge sex toys tend to be the object of creativity for a lot of manufacturers. While you might not expect to see an average-sized dildo in the shape of a light bulb, huge sex toys offer that option. Think about whether you want to take advantage of the creative options out there instead of a standard realistic dildo or plug. Neat options include huge sex toys shaped like grenades, bombshells,fists and more.

Weigh the Benefits of Inflatability

Your giant sex toy doesn't have to start out as giant. You might want to think about the benefits of an inflatable sex toy. While very few inflatable toys are made from high-quality materials, they offer the benefit of being able to go from relatively small to pretty darned large! (And you can always cover your toy in a condom.) You can choose a smaller diameter on days that your body isn't into being too stretched and larger diameters when you really want a challenge. Unlike standard giant toys, you also can insert the toy fully and then increase the size of the toy while already inserted which offers a completely different sensation.


Think about Safety and Care

Using a huge sex toy requires a bit more care than standard sex toys. After all, the entire idea around large sex toys is stretching your body and pushing it to the limit for more intense sensations. Especially when it comes to giant anal toys, make sure that you've thought about safety. Any sex toy that's about to go into the butt should have a flared base. As you get into larger toys, make sure that your flared base is noticeably larger than the largest point on the butt plug. Larger butt plugs can be harder to get out of the butt if you accidentally lose your grip, and nobody wants an accidental visit to the emergency room.

These seven tips should give you a good start when starting to purchase large sex toys. Remember that "large" is an entirely relative term: you may enjoy stretching yourself at 2" in diameter while someone else prefers 3.5". Find what's comfortable to you, enjoy it, and consider slowly increasing toy size if you think that would provide more pleasure.

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