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7 Things to Think About When Choosing a Wand Massager

Published: SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 | Updated: APRIL 24, 2022
Wand vibrators promise good vibrations and explosive orgasms - if you get the right wand for you.

Lots of people choose a vibrator for the intense vibrations they can provide. When it comes to intensity, it doesn't get much more powerful than a wand massager. While other types of vibrators may have their own benefits (such as discretion or a smaller size), wand massagers go all-out with vibrational power. Usually featuring a long, slender handle with a baseball-sized massager head at the tip, all of the vibrations are focused in this massager head for lots of deep, rumbling power in a single spot.


Picking out your first wand massager might seem a bit overwhelming. Since the popularity of the original Hitachi Wand Massager, wand massager options have been popping up everywhere, so we've put together a few tips to ensure you get the best wand massager for you. Think about all of these options before settling.

Vibration Strength Is Important

Most people don't pick up a wand massager because they're looking for softer vibrations. One of the best things about wand massagers is that they tend to have the strongest vibrations possible - at the expense of being a bit larger and unwieldy than some other types of vibrators. While it's hard to guess about a vibrator's strength without holding the toy in your hand, online reviews can really help you at this stage. Try to read reviews from other customers who've used the toy to see what they think of the power level. As a general rule of thumb, though, the power source (outlet-powered will be stronger than a battery) and the vibrator size (larger toys will be stronger than smaller) will make the most difference in terms of power. (Check out our review of the Magic Wand Vibrators.)

Think About the Power Source

Once you've decided how important vibration strength is to you, you'll need to think about how you want to power your vibrator. Most vibrators either run on batteries, are rechargeable or plug directly into wall outlet. While batteries are an easy option that can go anywhere you want, keep in mind that battery-powered wands may require C or D batteries for power. Rechargeables make your vibrator cord-free, but it also requires charging your toy ahead of time and may not be as strong as if it was outlet-powered vibe. Outlet-powered vibrators are usually the strongest choice, but they require using a cord that will tether you to the wall for any type of use. If you already have a nearby outlet, this may be the best option if you want the most amount of power from your toy. Don't forget to check the vibrator specifications to find out how long the cord is.


Look at the Design

Have a favorite color? Prefer something slender that can easily fit into your smaller hands? Think about these things when purchasing your wand massager. Wand vibrators are available in a multitude of colors including pink, purple, white, and more! If this is something you'll regularly be using, you should enjoy how it looks.

Contemplate the Controls

Not all wand vibrators are controlled the same way. Some have a scroll dial that gradually intensifies and decreases the vibration. Others may have a simple flip switch while others may include buttons. Scroll dials can be easier to operate with one hand while some people appreciate the clear level system available with buttons (for example, enjoying the third level of intensity makes it easy to describe to a partner). Decide what system works best with how you like to enjoy your wand massager and choose a wand that matches your needs.

Consider Discretion

If you want to hide your wand massager from other people when it's not in use, you'll want to think about the size and design. Luckily, some wand massagers, like the Hitachi Magic Wand, are especially designed to look like standard household back massagers. Other massagers may be a lot harder to pass off. If you're concerned about other people seeing your massager, take this into account.


Ponder the Portability

Larger toys are harder to carry around. If you want to travel with your sex toy (for trips or other public-use reasons), you'll want to think about how portable your new toy is going to be. If traveling will also be a regular occurrence, think about how you'll keep the toy from going off mid-flight. You can remove the batteries from battery-operated toys, but you'll want to make sure that a rechargeable toy has some sort of "locked" mode to prevent an embarrassing event.

While most wand massagers are large in size, small wand massagers have been starting to pop up in the market, so keep your options open!

Don't Forget Accessories

Unlike most sex toys and vibrators, wand massagers usually have a plethora of accessories that can be attached to them. These accessories are usually "covers" that fit over the top of the wand massager head in order to equip the vibrator with a different texture or an insertable dildo. These covers can also help provide some peace of mind if you tend to share your toy with other people (while they aren't any excuse to avoid standard sex toy care rules). While the most important thing is to ensure that the accessory you're interested in will work with the wand massager you have, feel free to experiment and enjoy different sensations.


I hope your first wand massager is your perfect pairing, but if not, there are some ways to change up the sensation. If you find that the vibrations are too intense (it's possible!), consider wearing clothing and using the toy through that. Handling issues can be fixed by laying the toy down and using it as something to grind against. If your toy allows it, extension cords can help lengthen a short cord on your vibrator. Whether your toy is the perfect toy or you think you might want to purchase a second wand massager, enjoy all of the happy orgasms your new toy is going to provide!

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