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7 Things to Know About Couples’ Vibrators

by Kinkly
Published: SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 | Updated: JUNE 26, 2020
Clitoral stimulation is often key to orgasm. Couples' vibrators really deliver.

You’ve probably heard some variation of this sad statistic: Only 25 percent of people with vaginas consistently orgasm during vaginal intercourse.


Let’s put that out there again: Only one in four people reliably experience orgasm during vaginal intercourse, regardless of partner’s penis size, or how long the sex lasts, or even how a woman feels about her partner. And this isn’t according to just one study either; the figure comes from a comprehensive analysis of 33 studies over the past 80 years, which was conducted by Elisabeth Lloyd for “The Case of the Female Orgasm.”


But while that may go against what many of us were raised to believe about partnered, (typically heterosexual) intercourse, those who have a firm grasp of female anatomy and sexual function understand full well what it takes to get off. According to experts, clitoral stimulation is what the vast majority of people need to push them over the edge.


Of course, intercourse isn’t the only kind of sex out there. Hands and mouths are both great for pleasing female bodies. So, of course, are vibrators. And that’s where couples’ vibes come in. They are designed to make intercourse more pleasurable for both partners. Because when it comes to skin-on-skin contact and intimacy, intercourse definitely has a few fun perks. Here are seven things to know about these unique toys.

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They Come in Many Shapes, Sizes and Types

A lot of vibrators are great for couples’ play. You can add a wand vibrator, or a simple clitoral vibrator during partner play, or even during intercourse as long as you’re in a position to fit it between you and your partner. The vibrators we often refer to as couples’ vibrators, however, are designed to be worn during intercourse for both partners’ pleasure. Although vibrating cock rings fit into this category (and many couples love them!), the main contenders here are c-shaped, wearable couples’ vibrators like the LELO Tiani, LELO IDA and LELO TARA. This type of vibe is designed to be worn inside the vagina, with one arm extending out to reach the clitoris. What this means is that not only can these vibrators be worn hands-free during intercourse, but that the male partner gets a buzz too (in addition to a tighter fit).


LELO IDA Couples' Vibrator
The LELO IDA feature powerful vibrations and rotations, providing major clitoral stimulation.

They’re Designed to Hit the Clit

Couples' vibrators are popular because they’re designed to stimulate the clitoris, which is just what many people need to be truly (and consistently) orgasmic during partnered intercourse. For many couples, these toys can be a game-changer. The clitoris has at least 8,000 sensory nerve endings and is believed to extend deep into the pelvic area. It’s the queen of the orgasmic castle.

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They Encourage Communication

Couples’ vibes are fairly easy to use, but because they provide some new sensations or challenges, ensuring that using one is pleasurable for both partners requires some communication. Positioning the device, your partner and finding the right vibration setting will all take some experimentation. If you’re doing it right, you’ll probably chat, giggle and have fun with a few failed attempts. But isn’t that what great sex is all about?

They're Fun for Both Partners

With all the vibrating toys designed for vulvas and vaginas, it’s easy to assume that penises just don’t respond to vibration. That isn’t the case. Vibration against the head of the penis, scrotum or shaft feels good for many people too! In fact, research on vibrator use has found that almost half of men have tried a vibrator at least once. They’re even used to help men with sexual dysfunction. A couples’ vibrator provides a pleasurable buzz to the head of the penis while it’s inserted, providing an additional (and unique) sensation.

They’re Also Fun for One

Just because they’re marketed as couples’ vibes doesn’t mean you can’t use one solo. In fact, because of the way they fit into and against the body, a couples’ vibe can provide a hands-free orgasm. Many of the latest couples’ vibes, like LELO TARA, are remote controlled; just use the remote to control the vibration setting and intensity, lay back, and enjoy the ride!


They’re Great for Foreplay

Thanks to the remote control that comes standard with most couples’ vibes today, the wearer can enjoy a discreet and sexy buzz from her partner from across a room. When it comes to titillating foreplay, this is about as good as it gets. For an extra thrill, try it in public. (Read more in The Ultimate Submission: Remote-Controlled Pleasure Products.)

They Make a Sexy Gift

If you’re looking to spice things up with a partner, a sex toy can make a great gift. For heterosexual couples, couples’ vibes offer pleasure to both partners, which makes them an excellent choice.

For those looking to take intercourse to a whole new level, couples' vibrators can be a fun way to play. They're fun and the provide unique sensations. Sounds like a recipe for a spicier sex life.



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