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7 Sex Positions That Are Great for Period Sex

Published: NOVEMBER 3, 2021 | Updated: APRIL 30, 2024
The crimson wave isn't all you should be riding. Try these sex positions that are great for period sex!

If you ask a room full of people about having intercourse during menstruation, you're going to quickly find that to be a very, very divided room. Everyone has strong opinions about period sex. Some people with periods find themselves extremely aroused at that time of the month - and others have zero interest in any sexual activity - at all. Some of those people also find that sex (and orgasms!) help drastically alleviate their period pain, reduce headaches, and relieve other symptoms associated with periods.


You'll get a split with partners too. Some partners will tell you that sexual activity near period blood is a no-go - and others will happily tell you that they're open to playing whenever works for their partner.

You probably already know about the amazing benefits of sex and masturbation during your period - like cramp relief, a shorter period, headache relief, and bonding with your partner (for some very pleasurable de-stress hormones in there too!)

With the advances in "period technology" (that's probably going to be my favorite phrase for the day!) having sex or intercourse during your period doesn't necessarily need to include menstrual blood anymore. If that's what has been stopping you, something like the Ziggy menstrual cup can be worn during intercourse - and holds all of the period blood at bay during intercourse and sex. The blood in period sex doesn't need to be a factor anymore - which will likely open up period intercourse to quite a few more couples!


If you're here, I'm going to assume you're open to having sex on your period or other kinds of period play. Whether you're using a menstrual cup like the Ziggy or expecting encounters with period blood, some of the other menstrual cycle symptoms are the same - like cramping, fatigue, bloating discomfort, and more. These low-energy sex positions were selected with all of those (very real) period symptoms in mind.

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Which Sex Positions Are Great for Period Sex?

While this is an amazing list of sex positions, I can't tell you what positions will work best with YOUR body's unique needs during your menstrual cycle. I've suggested some of my favorites - and why they're great for period sex. As always, I recommend making your own modifications to sex positions to find what works best for you during your cycle. You are always the decider in your own sex life; take this list of amazing sex positions during your period and use it for inspiration to make your own sex life better!


While you're at it, I'd recommend reading How to Have Period Sex - With No Mess. The tips and tricks will help you reduce the messes that can sometimes put us off of enjoying some of our favorite sex activities while menstruating. My favorite suggestion is probably the use of something like the Ziggy period cup. Unlike most menstrual cups, it can be worn during intercourse, so it reduces the likelihood of any "mess" happening in the first place. And I personally always keep a washable, black towel near the bed - regardless of what time of the month it is!

The Curled Angel Position

diagram of the curled angel sex position - the receiver lies curled on their side and is penetrated from behind by their partner, laying beside them.

What It Is: One of the most recommended positions for relief from period cramps is to curl into a fetal position. If period cramps are roughing you up - but you'd still like some intimacy with a partner, the Curled Angel Position mixes the best of both worlds. The period haver's curled up position can help alleviate cramps - and you can even use a heating pad on your abdomen during sex without having to change the position too. If the penetrator is the one with period cramps, this position also works well for them as it still uses the comfort-inducing fetal position - but uses the entire receiving partner's body heat as a large heating pad.

How to Get Into It:
The receiving partner lays down and curls into the fetal position. Add what symptom-alleviating products you need to help your body feel better. The penetrating partner can then curl around their partner, from behind, to add full-body, intimate contact and gentle intercourse with a rocking of the hips.

The Spoon Position

diagram of the spoon sex position - spoon sex position is a rear entry position in which both partners lay on their sides, front to back.


What It Is: If cramps or pain are kicking your ass, the Spoon Position can really help. Not only does this sex position let you lay down (and curl into the fetal position if necessary), but it also leaves your abdomen entirely open for heating pads or anything else that helps you feel better. The Spoon Position also leaves you open for anal sex if you'd rather avoid any vaginal sensations at all.

How to Get Into It:
The receiving partner lies down while the penetrating partner lies down behind them. The receiving partner may need to change the angle of their body - or lift their thighs - to help get a good angle for penetration. The penetrating partner can wrap their arms around the receiver, and this position makes for a lot of great cuddle opportunities during intercourse.

Lesbian Spooning Position


Lesbian Spooning Position. Both partners lie on their sides and cuddle up together. Any activity can be done from there, but the illustration shows the from-behind partner touching the front partner's clitoris.


What It Is: The Lesbian Spooning Position provides a few modifications to the Spoon position to allow for easier access between the thighs of the partner in front. This position can still include the same penetration as the Spoon position - but the lifted thigh allows for easier access while still retaining the same intimate, cozy feel.

How to Get Into It: Get into the Spoon position like suggested above. From there, the person in front can separate their thighs to make it easier for the partner in the back to provide pleasure. With a long enough vibrating sex toy and aligned hips, both partners can enjoy vibrations from the same sex toy as well! Just slide it between both bodies and position it in the best spots for pleasure.

Slippery Missionary Position

What It Is: This is a great time for some shower sex! Generally, the water of the shower can wash away the vagina's natural lubrication, but with the added slickness from your period, that isn't always a problem during this time of the month. As a bonus, you have built-in cleaning already ready for when you're both done!

How to Get Into It:
Your shower will need a built-in ledge that can hold your weight - or you'll need to create your own. For the Slippery Missionary Position, you and your partner stand together in the shower, facing one another. The receiving partner lifts their leg and places it on a ledge that's behind the penetrating partner. This helps make more room for penetration. The penetrating partner then snuggles in close and slips inside.


If you want to switch things up or both of your balance is starting to go, you can easily get into the Doggy Style position on the floor of the bathtub if you have space. If you don't, turn off the water, throw down a dark towel on the floor next to the shower, and go to town!

Turtle Sex Position

Turtle Sex Position. The receiving partner gets on their knees and places their head on the floor while curling up as tightly as possible. The penetrating partner kneels behind them and slides inside

What It Is: Welcome to the Turtle Sex Position, another sex position that allows the recipient to curl into a fetal position for relief from period cramps. Instead of laying on their side, however, this sex position puts the hips in the air for easier intercourse while still allowing the receiver to get comfortable in this position.

Especially if you're someone who tends to produce a lot of lubrication during this time of the month, the Turtle Sex Position can make the vaginal canal shallower - which can increase sensations if over-lubrication occasionally gets in the way.

How to Get Into It: The receiver gets onto all fours on any flat surface. From there, they place their head firmly onto the ground (a pillow can help here for comfort!) while wrapping their forearms around the back of the thighs. (Depending on your flexibility, you may only be able to wrap your fingers around the back of the thighs). This places the receiver's hips high in the air while curling the abdomen into a pseudo-fetal position for cramp relief.

From there, the penetrating partner kneels behind their partner to slide inside. Either vaginal or anal sex is very doable in this position. The penetrating partner can take this slowly (especially if requested) or they can change the angle of the hips by gently pushing or pulling on the hips for better positioning. The penetrating partner can also reach around to pleasure their partner's genitals - whether with their hands or a favorite sex toy.

Tongue Tied Oral Shower Sex Position


Tongue Tied Shower Oral Sex Position. Person gives oral sex to a bound person in the shower.

What It Is: Sometimes you're really not feeling intercourse, but you still want to explore some intimacy and closeness with your partner. That's exactly where the Tongue Tied Oral Shower Sex Position comes in. This erotic position lets you give (or receive!) oral sex - right in the shower, where it's easiest to clean up before and after your endeavor! Using something like the Ziggy period cup for an hour before you hop into the shower for this position will ensure that any potential blood taste is kept to a minimum (if that's a concern) but you can always do a quick rinse in the shower before you start!

How to Get Into It: First off, make sure you have the right water temperature! There's nothing worse than getting into an ice-cold shower! If you plan to turn on the water mid-oral, I recommend turning on the shower and getting everything "warmed up" before turning it back off. This will reduce how cold the initial water blast is when you turn it on later.

The receiving partner will then stand against the shower wall. Use suction cup bondage cuffs to bind the receiving partner to the wall. The giving partner should then slide down to their knees to pleasure the recipient. If there's a towel that can become sopping wet, it can be folded up and placed under the giver's knees for added comfort. Shower floors can be rough!

If you don't have bondage cuffs made specifically to stick onto the walls, I recommend using water-friendly cuffs - and just clipping them together. You can clip behind the receiver's back, but I find it much more comfortable to clip the wrists together near the chest (with bent arms) - which will allow the receiver to comfortably put their weight onto the shower wall when things get more intense.

If your period preferences lean more towards rimming, just flip the standing partner around - and you have a sex position that's perfect for analingus too!

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The Kneeling Fox


Kneeling Fox Sex Position. Both partners are kneeling, one behind the other, facing the same direction. Partner in back is penetrating partner in front with arms around their waist.

What It Is: If you'd rather just avoid all vaginal sex entirely, the Kneeling Fox is a great anal sex position. Not only does it place the receiver's hips at a great angle to control the movement, but it works amazingly with grinding in addition to full-on thrusting. The Kneeling Fox leaves the penetrating partner's arms open to hold a sex toy for the receiving partner as well.

Make sure to take this position slowly if the penetrating partner is the one on their period. The pressure of their partner's hips pressed against them can either help alleviate cramps or prove uncomfortable with menstrual bloating.

How to Get Into It:
The receiving partner gets on all fours on the surface you'll be using. The penetrating partner comes up behind and kneels while snuggling their knees as close to their partner's knees as they can. The receiving partner then pushes their hips backward to place their butt into their partner's lap.

Looking for More Sex Positions?

All of these sex positions came from the Kinkly sex position database - all chosen to be easy to get into when your body might be otherwise tired or in pain - despite your arousal level. If you're up for a more adventurous challenge during your period, we have an entire database of adventurous sex positions.

If the idea of potential blood stains is what is standing in the way of your fun, don't forget about easy blood-reduction strategies like the Ziggy menstrual cup, dark colored blankets or towels, or showering right-before intercourse.

Your period doesn't have to be a deterrent from great sex, and I'm hoping some of these comforting sex positions help you seamlessly transition into some amazing period sex.

INTIMINA menstrual products, including the Ziggy Cup are now on sale for up to 20% off the regular price on the INTIMINA site. Now is a great time to try it for yourself!

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