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665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug: New Toy to Know

Published: FEBRUARY 15, 2021
Through thick and thin, the 665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug is your butthole's new bff.

What if you could adjust the size of your sex toy - on the fly? No longer will you need to settle for "just about right"; you can make it "perfectly right" within seconds with the 665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug (VIP)!


This inflatable butt plug lets you adjust the size of the plug within seconds for a thicker - or slimmer - pleasure experience. It just depends on what you want to experience on any given day.

That's just the basic description of the 665 VIP sex toy, though. In fact, it gets even more amazing through its body-safe material, remote control design, rechargeability, AND added vibrations. There's a reason this inflatable anal plug is our New Toy to Know!

Body-Safe Materials!

One of the coolest things about the 665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug is just the material that it's made from. We know, we know, it's "just" the material. But in this case, it's that "little" thing that becomes a "big" thing when it covers an entire toy - and it matters.

Almost all inflatable sex toys are made from rubber or latex. For people with material allergies - or people who don't like the scent of rubber or latex, it can be hard to find an inflatable sex toy made from something else. Well, until now! The 665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug is made from body-safe silicone - that same type of silicone that you've enjoyed in the majority of the other body-safe sex toys you can find at Kinkly Shop.

665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug: New Toy to Know


It Inflates!

Gone are the days of having to use a squeeze-bulb - with a giant, attached cord - to power the inflatable functions. In fact, the 665 VIP anal plug uses an electronic inflation mechanism, so it inflates on command with zero effort on your part. The plug will gradually grow in width for an added 0.3" of diameter. The same can be said for deflation. With a press of a button, the plug will deflate as well.

We know, it's amazing! There's a reason it's the VIP (Very Important Plug).

And It Vibrates!

At any point, (whether inflated or deflated), you can pop on the vibrations. The 7 different vibration modes make it easy to find a setting that appeals to you - no matter how you're feeling. Vibrate while it's deflated - or add even more sensation to the fullness of the inflated plug by popping on the vibrations. It's entirely up to you.

665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug: New Toy to Know


And It's Remote-Controlled!

How much more could be packed into one toy? We're not really sure how 665 managed it, but we're definitely impressed.

All of those above functions are controllable by the included wireless remote control. You heard us right: it's wireless and it controls both the inflation and the vibration at the push of a button. Two separate buttons on this small, palm-sized remote allow for independent control of both functions - and the small size makes it perfect for "hiding" for discreet public play too.

Whether you want an easy way to control the plug while it's slipped inside you or want to plan a public adventure where everything about the plug is at your easy command, the 665 Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug is ready to please.

AND It's All Rechargeable!

When you're all done, exhausted, and curled up under the warmest blankets you own after some pretty powerful orgasms, the 665 Vibrating Inflatable anal toy will be getting ready for your next adventure. This inflatable plug's battery has a one-hour use time with a full charge, and you can plug it in to charge up the functions for your next sexual adventure while you're napping. No worrying about batteries with this plug; just plug it in and let it recharge!

665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug: New Toy to Know


Other Things to Know

  • One of the few inflatable toys made from body-safe silicone!
  • 7 Pleasurable Vibration Modes.
  • USB Rechargeable.
  • 1 Hour of Use Time on a Full Charge.
  • Remote Control for Inflation and Vibrations.
  • NOT Waterproof or Splashproof.

Regular Size
Total Length: 4.57"
Diameter (at the thickest point): 2.13"

Fully Inflated Size
Total Length: 4.84"
Diameter (at the thickest point): 2.4"

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