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Best Oral Sex Positions When You Want to Get Wild

Published: OCTOBER 6, 2022 | Updated: APRIL 30, 2024
Just because you're already an expert at the art of eating out, adroit at analingus and a maestro of fellatio doesn't mean you can't use our best oral sex positions, you tongue wizard you. 

There's a whole host of reasons that oral sex is so popular. Not only does one person get to lay back and relax, but the giver gets a front-row seat to every moan, catch of the breath, and quiver their partner makes - all while they control the action! No wonder oral sex is one of the most popular sex acts couples participate in!


However, that same popularity is the exact same thing that can make it feel a bit stale after awhile. Just like intercourse, many couples have their tried-and-true positions - and may not explore very far from them. There's nothing wrong with that! As oral sex is about ensuring the giver is comfortable - and the receiver is enjoying pleasure - if you've found sex positions that work for that, don't toss them out!

But when you're looking to infuse a bit of adventure into your oral sex life, the easiest way to make it happen is by a bit of oral sex position variation. Simply mixing up how your bodies are positioned can make your usual oral feel like a whole new adventure!

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Assisted Queen Oral Sex Position

Assisted Queen oral sex position. The giving partner is laying down with their head elevated on a Liberator Wedge and their wrists bound on the Wedge. The receiving partner is kneeling on top of the Wedge and giving partner's face.

"Queening" during oral sex just got way hotter with a bit of bondage and the Assisted Queen oral sex position. By utilizing the Liberator Black Label Wedge, both the receiver's ankles and the giver's wrists can be bound together during receiver-on-top oral sex. The additional stimulation of the cuffs can feel amazing physically - but it can also provide an erotic mental boost for the receiver who is "unable to go anywhere and forced to provide pleasure".

Great for Giving Oral to: Vulvas, Anuses.

Modify It By: Using pillows instead of a Liberator Wedge. While the Liberator Black Label Wedge (complete with bondage points!) is shown in the illustration, this 27-degree angle can leave the receiving partner doing a bit of core work in order to stay upright. You can reduce this by swapping out the Wedge for a pillow and your own bondage cuffs - or by having the receiving partner lean forward onto their hands and knees.


Try It With: A bit of power exchange. As the positioning of your bodies can really lead to a feel of domination and submission, this oral sex position can be a great fit for playing with your kinky roles and personas. Gentle impact play might also be on the table here as the receiving partner can easily wield a gentle impact play toy (like the Sportsheets Mahogany Flogger, Studded Paddle, Saffron Acrylic Paddle, and Ruff Doggie Styles Double-Sided Heart Paddle) to "discipline" the giving partner if they don't provide the pleasure expected.

Taste of Bliss 69 Oral Sex Position



Tired of the standard, stereotypical 69 oral sex positions? Why not give the Taste of Bliss version a try? The compact, bendy positioning of the receiving partner makes it easier for both partners to get into the right spot for giving (and receiving!) oral sex at the same time.

The Taste of Bliss 69 position can also place the top partner in a good spot to control the depth, angle, and pace of the oral sex they receive - which can be a perfect spot for a partner who needs precise stimulation in order to orgasm.

Great for Giving Oral to: Penises, Vulvas, Anuses.


Modity It By: Using a bolster underneath the bottom partner's hips to help reduce the strain on the lower back. The Liberator Jaz or Dame Pillo can be gently slid underneath the hips to support a bit of body weight and reduce the strain for the bottom partner. I also recommend a bit of a stretching session before you get into this position. It can be a really deep stretch for the bottom partner!

Try It With: The Taste of Bliss 69 oral sex position can be a great fit for anal play. As both partners have their butts in the air, adding or removing anal toys, like anal beads or prostate massagers, mid-play can be workable. As I'm guessing you'll both want to focus more on the oral sex you're both enjoying, though, I recommend an anal toy that provides most of the pleasure for you without needing to be messed with like the XR Brands Thump-It, Nexus Simul8, b-Vibe Snug Plugs, Lovense Edge 2, or b-Vibe Rimming Plug.

Film and Flutter Oral Sex Position

One of the downsides about being the "giving" partner in some oral sex positions is that you might need to wait to receive pleasure of your own. Eliminate that wait with the Film and Flutter Oral Sex Position. By utilizing the magic of hands-free sex toys, the giver gets to enjoy sensations of their own while the receiver gets bonus sensations.


Plus, this position is fantastic for impromptu oral sex that interrupts the binge of your latest TV show!

Great for Giving Oral to: Vulvas, Penises.

Modify It By: The bent-over angle of this position can be a bit rough on the receiver's neck and back - especially if you're going for a marathon session. You can reduce the bend required by stacking pillows, bolsters, or sex furniture underneath the receiving partner, but this still may be an oral sex position that's best to transition out of once the receiver is feeling the burn.

Try It With: This oral sex position really calls for hands-free sex toys! The exact sex toy you choose will be up to you. The ones pictured are the Wild Flower Enby 2, but you can really use any hands-free sex toy.

Shoulder Stand Oral Sex Position

Shoulder Stand Oral Sex Position. Giving partner is kneeling next to an elevated surface while gripping the receiving partner's hips. The majority of the receiving partner's body is in the air while their shoulders touch the elevated surface.

Ready for a challenge? The Shoulder Stand Oral Sex Position might be the wild sex position you're looking for. In this position, the receiving partner goes into a shoulder stand - and rests the majority of their lower body weight on top of the shoulders of their partner. Like I said, this one can be a challenge! Get ready for a serious core workout.

Unlike other oral sex positions on this list, the Shoulder Stand Oral Sex Position may be something you add for bragging rights more than pleasure. Because of the static hold required to pull this off, many receiving partners may not be able to relax enough to orgasm in this position. But that's okay! Simply enjoy the position and the pleasure it provides as long as you'd like - and have a plan to switch into another oral sex position if orgasm is desired and isn't easily forthcoming.

Great for Giving Oral to: Vulva, Penises, Anuses.

Modify It By: Adding a sex swing. There's a whole lot of strength required by both partners for the Shoulder Stand Position. You can make it easier by utilizing a sex swing. Use the hip pad of a sex swing underneath the receiving partner's hips to help support some of the receiving partner's weight. The leg pads could also be used underneath the knees to help support even more weight. This will help reduce the weight both partners need to carry to pull off the Shoulder Stand Oral Sex Position.

Try It With: High heels and a mirror! Do either of you have a high heel kink? The Shoulder Stand Oral Sex Position looks extra delicious while the receiving partner is wearing high heels. The heels wrapped around the giver's body adds a serious "ooomph" to the already-hot look of this oral sex position!

Airborne Oral Sex Position

Airborne Oral Sex Position. The receiving partner sits on a sex swing with their legs spread. Sitting on a stool in front of the suspended person, the giver puts their head between the receiver's thighs to provide comfortable oral sex.

I'm pretty sure adding a sex swing instantly makes your oral sex feel more exciting. I mean, it's a swing...and sex! There's a whole lot to fall in love with already!

The Airborne Oral Sex Position adds to that by utilizing the sex swing to make the giver more comfortable for marathon sessions. Between the ability to adjust the receiving partner's height and positioning and the ability to add additional furniture to make the giver more comfortable, despite the complexity of this position at first glance, it actually is a very comfortable position!

And if you want to continue your sex swing exploration afterwards, we have an entire list of sex swing sex positions to explore!

(For vulva-owning receivers, we'd recommend leaning back or utilizing a sex sling option to make it easier to access all of the vulva.)

Great for Giving Oral to: Vulvas, Penises.

Modify It By: Adjusting the receiver's height and adding furniture! Simply shorten or lengthen the sex swing straps to raise or lower the receiving partner to reduce any neck strain from the giver. The giver can also choose to sit on taller - or shorter - furniture to give. It's all about those modifications, baby!

Try It With: Some sex toys for the giving partner. The Airborne Oral Sex Position leaves the giving partner's hands entirely open. This can be fantastic for self-pleasure - or to give their mouth a break during a marathon session by using a sex toy on the receiving partner! With the nice amount of space involved, larger sex toys like wand massagers, penis strokers, or rabbit vibrators will fit in just fine.

Tongue Tied Oral Sex Position


Bondage and oral sex? That sounds like all of the ingredients for the best oral sex positions for me!

The Tongue Tied Oral Sex Position takes it one step further by bringing that bondage into the shower with suction cup bondage cuffs. The receiving partner gets to experience the eroticism of bondage while simultaneously enjoying the giving partner's pleasure. Just remember: your hot water heater probably has a limited water supply, so have a plan for what you want to do next!

(While the Tongue Tied Oral Sex Position is shown in the shower, there's no reason you have to take it into the shower - especially if your kink gear is a bit waterphobic. This sex position can be done anywhere there's an open wall!)

Great for Giving Oral to: Vulvas, Penises, Anuses (if the receiver turns around).

Modify It By: Standing for long periods of time isn't for everyone. If that's the case, there's nothing stopping the receiving partner from sitting on the floor with their knees spread and hands bound against the wall behind them. (Like the Flag Stick Oral Sex Position - but if the receiving partner was leaning against a wall instead of laying down )

Try It With: Most kink gear doesn't have an easy way to attach to the wall. However, Over the Door Restraints do! They utilize a closed door as a bondage point to hold the restraints in place. If you really want the receiving partner to be fastened to the wall behind them outside of a shower, this can be a great way to make it happen!

Butler Oral Sex Position

Butler Sex Position: The receiver partner stands. The giving partner kneels at their feet to providing analingus or cunnilingus with ease.

Who said wild oral sex positions had to be difficult? The Butler Oral Sex Position proves that isn't the case. Instead, the Butler Oral Sex position relies on a new vantage point to get oral sex feeling novel again. The from-behind positioning lends itself best to rimming, but you may be able to access the vulva from behind with a bit of creative positioning. To access other parts, the receiving partner can always turn around to face the giver.

As an added bonus, the Butler Oral Sex Position leaves both partners' hands wide open. Go for some intimate hand-holding - or use the free hands to add additional stimulation for either partner. (Might we recommend holding a remote control for a sex toy to really make things fun?)

Great for Giving Oral to: Vulva, Penises, Anuses.

Modity It By: Standing for long periods of time may not be conducive to helping the receiving partner orgasm. If that's the case, consider taking the Butler position into the Back Tackle position by having the receiver lean up against the wall. You also can swap over to the Up the Middle position if the from-behind position is hot - but standing for it isn't.

Try It With: Electrosex toys! As both partners have their hands free - and the receiver can even easily hold a control box, the excitement of this position can be pushed to the limit by adding a few electrosex toys. For example, the receiving partner could handhold the Kinklab Neon Wand - and provide an erotic shock to the giver's thighs to make sure their performance stays at its best.

Doubling Threesome Group Sex Position

Doubling Threesome sex position: One partner lays flat on their back. One person sits on top of their face for oral sex while the third person kneels to provide oral sex to the laying partner.

I'd be remiss if I didn't include at least one threesome sex position in here! After all, if you're getting wild with your oral sex positions, group sex might be on the table for you too! (And lucky for you, we have some other amazing group sex positions too!)

This group sex oral sex position happens to be the Doubling Threesome position. Fully focused on oral sex, everyone within the Doubling Threesome position is giving or receiving oral sex in some manner. It's sorta like a more-complicated 69 position!

Great for Giving Oral to: Anything!

Modify It By: Using pillows and blankets. With every body a different height and size, it can be difficult to get the most comfortable angles for every person. Pillows and blankets can really help. A pillow under the laying partner's head can provide neck support while pillows under the kneeling partner's knees can help reduce the need to tap out early due to fallen-asleep feet.

Try It With: A bit of added sensation play! With so many people and so many sounds and sights to see, depriving your body of sensations can really, really amp up the heat! Consider blindfolds, vampire gloves, gags, nipple clamps, and more to really amp up the sensations of everything that's going on.

Just Get Creative!

These best oral sex positions for getting wild are just the tip of the iceberg. Use them as a jumping point to help create your own oral sex positions. After all, it's as simple as rearranging your body parts to fit together in different ways. No one knows your bodies better than the two of you do - which means your dream oral sex position might simply be a few exploratory sessions away!

Don't forget to experiment with accessories and additions, too. While oral sex can be amazing with just two bodies, adding accessories gives you more options for play, too. Options like:

If finding the best oral sex positions is on your to-do list, start with these examples - and start crafting your own!

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