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5 Simple, Super-Hot Sex Positions to Try Tonight

Published: NOVEMBER 19, 2015 | Updated: OCTOBER 15, 2020
These positions may be simple, but they're still sexy. Try one tonight!

Whether it's children, work or other stress, sometimes life gets in the way of our sexy ambitions. Maybe that means you don't have sex as often, don't enjoy it as much or (eek!) don't have it at all. What you need is a little inspiration. Inspiring intimacy and passion is all about perspective. What that means is that spicing up your sex life may be as simple as looking at things from a different angle. Yup, we're talking about testing out some sexy new positions.


Check out these easy, accessible moves that still manage to be super hot, as well as some tips on how to add some sizzle to a luke-warm sex life.

First, Set the Scene

A recent statistic suggests that 9 percent of people use their smartphones during sex. Seriously, people: Texting your mother during booty time does not set the mood for hot sex. Turn it off. That goes for the television, laptops and all other devices you use to connect to the rest of the world. The idea here is to plug in to your partner and his or her pleasure. Doing it well means unplugging from all other distractions.

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Learn New Tricks

If you've been with your partner for a while, you've probably honed the art of twisting his left nipple and sucking on his right ear while delivering a few tugs down low. It gets him hot and ready in seconds flat. So, that's what you do. Every time.

We all like to take the path of least resistance to please our partners, but remember back when you were new to each other and you had no idea what to expect? That was hot, right? Keeping sex spontaneous will help keep some novelty and excitement brewing.

You don’t have to think of crazy, new, innovative ways to have sex every single night, but surprising your partner every so often will keep them guessing. So take the time to really explore and indulge in your partner’s body, test out new places and ways to stimulate them and work on building anticipation. Here are a few moves that might help spice things up.


The Skin-on-Skin Scissor Position

Slice through boring sex by trying out the Scissor sex position. This position is simple, comfortable, skin-on-skin sexy. And it definitely allows you to hit the hot spots from a whole different angle.

diagram of the scissor sex position - both partners lay perpendicular to each other with legs crossing over each other

Why It's Fun: You both get the control to move your hips in a way that suits your pleasure the most.

Dancer In the Dark

The Dancer sex position is a standing variant of the missionary, which men and women alike tend to rank among their favorites. This standing version, however, is more athletic, more adventurous, and therefore just a little sexier.


Why It's Fun: This position is all intimate, sweaty exertion. And it's great for a quickie, no matter where you happen to be.

Riding the Face

This oral sex position puts the rider in complete control. Just be sure to leave your partner some room to breathe ... unless, of course, he or she likes being smothered. We'll leave that to another article. You can also share the love by turning this into a simple 69.

Queening sex position. The giving partner is laying flat on their back. The receiving partner is kneeling, straddling the giver's face, placing their vulva on top of the giver's face. | Kinkly

Why It's Fun: Having either complete control or no control at all is extremely arousing. Plus, who doesn’t want to ride the waves of pleasure?


Ascent to Sexual Nirvana

For women who like to submit to a little dominance, the Nirvana sex position might just do the trick. Here, the woman's arms are pulled back and held tight, or tied down. All that's left for her to do is to submit to her partner's dirty-work. The woman's legs could be bound here too.

Why It's Fun: As the woman relaxes her upper body the man gets to control the thrusting by holding her by her wrists. Some couples also love the extra friction this closed-leg position provides. (Get more great tips for tying each other up in Why Bondage Can Be So Much Fun.)

Down and Dirty in Doggy-Style

OK. You've probably heard of Doggy-style. Maybe you've even done it - it's a favorite position for many couples. But just in case you haven't gotten down this way, we're throwing this in. It's a great way to hit the G-spot!


Why It's Fun: One partner has free hands, which are great for caressing, pinching, smacking and anything else you can come up with. Plus, there's something really primal about getting down on all fours. That kind of liberation can really turn up the heat. Consider closing the windows - for your neighbors' sake.

Try It Tonight

A new position is the easiest way to spice up your sex life on the spot. It's safe, simple and it requires little more than two willing bodies and an open mind. Come to think of it, that sounds pretty sexy in itself.

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