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6 Sex Toy Gifts to Bring the Naughty and Nice to Your Love Life

Published: DECEMBER 11, 2020
If you're looking for some gifts to make someone's holidays truly merry, look no further than these six awesome sex toys!

With the holidays right around the corner and the pandemic keeping us bundled up in our homes, your holiday shopping is probably looking very different this year. Besides the fact that many of us will be doing all our holiday shopping online, we're all also trying to figure out what we can get people this year that will actually make them happy.


Because if there is one thing we could all use a bit more at the end of this crazy year, it's happiness.

While money can't buy happiness, it can buy sex toys, and that's pretty damn close. So if you're looking for some gifts to make someone's holidays (including your own!) truly merry, look no further than these six awesome sex toys that will invigorate someone's love life for the rest of this year and beyond!

Fun fact: All of the toys below are USB rechargeable and made of body-safe silicone!

1. Lovelife Rev

The Lovelife Rev by OhMiBod was designed with accessibility in mind, meaning that anyone with dexterity issues can use Rev with ease. This innovative sex toy does not require anyone to grip or hold it; it is "held" by the user sliding it over their fingers like a ring.

The Rev vibrator is so user-friendly and awesome it was named one of "The Most Innovative Sex Toys of the Decade" by Refinery29. This convenient vibrator makes a great addition to foreplay or the main event!

OhMiBod rev held in hand


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The Lovelife Cuddle is a reddot Award-winner for its G-spot centric design. The cuddle has a delicious, deep rumbly vibration that make it a favourite for many sexperts and sex toy users! Cosmopolitan Magazine coined Lovelife Cuddle "The Swiss Army Knife of Sex Toys". And really, that kind of says it all!

Lovelife Cuddle g-spot vibrator


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The Lovelife Cuddle Mini is the miniature version of the fore-mentioned and much loved, Lovelife Cuddle. At just under five inches in length, the Cuddle Mini is the perfect companion for any trip or any time. Although it may be small in stature, this little vibe still packs a dreamy vibrational punch, so to speak.

Lovelife Cuddle Mini g-spot vibrator

4. Lovelife krush

Lovelife krush is an award-winning Bluetooth-enabled smart Kegel exerciser controlled via the TASL App. The krush is an app-controlled pelvic floor exerciser that uses haptic and visual feedback and voice-guided training exercises to help vulva-owners strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

The double benefit of krush is that this kegel exerciser also vibrates, which means that when you're done working out, you can use them as remote-controlled internal pleasure toy or hand the app over to a partner and allow them to control your fun! This toy supports the saying "Work hard and play hard."

Lovelife krush kegel exerciser beside phone display


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The second generation blueMotion Nex|1 is the ultimate App-controlled wearable panty vibrator. The Nex|1's App-control allows it to connect over wifi or cellular networks, which means this powerful little vibrator can be controlled anywhere in the world.

This little vibe can be worn with any pair of panties. It's is the perfect toy for some discreet and sexy play times! It is controlled by the OhMiBod Remote App (explained in detail below!), which has some crazy cool features to help you thoroughly enjoy your new joy!

BlueMotion Nex|1 second generation panty vibrator

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Esca 2 is an App-controlled, Bluetooth-enabled wearable internal G-spot vibrator. Esca 2 is controlled by the free OhMiBod Remote App; simply pair it with your phone and you're off to the races. The cool thing about the Esca 2 is that it has an LED light that syncs to the Esca's vibrations so your partner gets visual feedback of the kind of vibes they are sending your way. Esca 2 truly is lit, as OhMiBod likes to say.

Esca 2 with phone app

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OhMiBod Remote App

The OhMiBod Remote App is an awesome addition for any partners, long-distance or not. The app allows partners to connect with each other's toys no matter where you are in the world. The OhMiBod app has in-app video chat that allows you to control your vibes while you chat. You can also utilize the in-app texting and photo sharing to try on your sexting thumbs.

You can also connect your OhMiBod to your Apple music or Spotify premium account so you can vibe along to your music! If you have an Apple watch, you can also utilize the app's PULSE functionality, which takes advantage of the watch’s built-in heart rate monitor to translate a partner’s heartbeat into stimulation. The faster the heart beats, the faster and more intense the vibrations.

For long-distance partners (or quarantined partners), the OhMiBod app and compatible toys are guaranteed to keep you stay sensually connected this holiday season!

The OhMiBod app and toys are here to help you log all your O's (which happens to be an actual function you can track on your Oh!Dometer)!

PS. From now till December 15th, anyone when a you purchase any OhMiBod item over $50, then will receive a FREE full-size (4.2 oz) Lovelife intimate lubricanta $15 value! Simply add the lube to your cart and enter code KINKLY.

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