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6 Cool Things Vibrators Can Do to Help You Orgasm

by Kinkly
Published: AUGUST 1, 2017 | Updated: JUNE 28, 2020
Vibrators are designed to help you get off - and there are a few key things that allow them to do the job so well.

Vibrators are fantastic sex toys and they're popular for a reason: they do the job. Yes, there are lots of ways to get off, but vibrators have a few key features that make crossing finish line much more likely. Here are six cool vibrator features that help make you orgasm. Pick and choose for your pleasure!


Stimulate the WHOLE Clitoris

This probably won't come (hehe) as a surprise, but clitoral stimulation is nearly necessary for orgasm for a lot of people. You can read up on everyone's favorite bundle of nerves here; but basically, the clitoris is much larger than the tiny pea you see on the outside of your body. In fact, it extends down and around the vaginal opening, and upon arousal, the area becomes engorged with blood and swells to increase sensation in the vagina. What a good, powerful vibrator can do is reach right down through the whole clitoral complex, ensuring full stimulation and a bigger, more powerful orgasm. That's why really powerful wand vibes feel soooo good. Sweet!


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Hit the Right (G)-Spot


What is the G-Spot? Simply put, if you have a vagina, you will want to find this area. And then find it again. And again. Located one to three inches up on the front wall of the vagina, this type of orgasm produced by stimulating this area is completely different than a clitoral orgasm. It can even make you squirt. And no, you're not peeing, although that's a similar sensation to the feeling of a proper G-Spot orgasm. The GIGI 2 from LELO is specifically designed to hit your G-Spot and give you waves of intense pleasure. It could even help you make waves of your own!

Provide Consistent Stimulation


You know how they say consistency is the key to success? The same applies to orgasm. And a good, rumbly vibe can provide the consistent stimulation that's hard for a human to match, particularly when you need that stimulation over the course of several minutes. The last thing you want is to be on the cusp of glory and have things change; when the big O is building, consistency is key. That's what makes vibrators oh-so-effective at getting you across the finish line.

Material, Girl


Human skin is beautiful and sexy, but vibrator materials offer variety. What your vibrator is made out of can have a huge effect on how it feels when you use it. Different materials materials provide different textures and translate vibration differently. Silicone can heat up with the body, which can be an incredibly pleasurable feeling. Plus, it's very easy to clean. Along with different materials come different textures, which can provide a whole other layer of sensation and pleasure.

Size Matters


Yes, really. Some vibrators are slim; some are girthy. Some are short; some are long. What that means is that you can always pick your pleasure and have it any way you want it - and change it up by the day.


Vibrators can't replace the human touch, but they can offer all kinds of things that human partners can't. With a sex toy, you have so many options for sensation that you just can't get from a hand, mouth or penis. That's what makes toys so much fun - and such a valuable addition to our sex lives. There are so many types of vibrators, and choosing one that provides a variety of options might help you discover something you didn't even know that you enjoyed! So experiment. Have fun. And get in all the orgasms you can. That's what vibrators were designed to do and, boy, do they do the job.


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