5 World Cup Statistics That Have Nothing to Do With Soccer … And Eve

by Kinkly
Published: JULY 11, 2014 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
Tired of hearing about soccer? These sexy World Cup statistics will give you something to occupy to your mind until the tournament's over.

Not a fan of watching men chase a ball around a soccer field? You’re not alone. According to a poll conducted by Reuters, about two-thirds of Americans feel the same way. That explains why they haven’t tuned in to watch the World Cup Soccer tournament, which ends July 13th in Brazil. That hasn’t dissuaded the news from covering the tournament though. So, if we have to hear about it, we may as well talk about it, right? Fortunately, LELO has gathered some World Cup Statistics that promise to get you all worked up. And, while they may involve balls, they have literally nothing to do with soccer, which is just how we like it.


It’s the Swiss Who Score the Most

The Swiss may not be leading the charge in Brazil, but according to LELO’s survey, they score an awful lot at home. Twenty-six percent of Swiss respondents in the survey claimed to have had 20 or more sexual partners in their lives, compared to between one and eight partners for the rest of the population. The Swiss have a reputation for being serious and reserved, but it appears they know how to be social where it counts - between the sheets!

The French Are Prone to Foul Play

When it comes to scoring on someone else’s net, the French are the World Cup champions. The survey found that 75 percent of French respondents admitted to cheating on a partner. That’s far more foul play than any other country on the list. If fidelity’s your thing, head to Belgium or Australia, where less than 25 percent of people say they’ve given a partner the run-around.


Sexual Skills Are All Over the Map

In soccer, carefully honed skill is everything. And so it is with sex. So which country’s citizens believe themselves to be the very best ball handlers? It’s the Portuguese; 76 percent of them rate themselves as "advanced" or "expert" in bedroom sport. On the other end of the spectrum, less than half of the English rank their skills as "moderate" or above. You could chalk it up to English reserve ... or maybe that gray weather really is a libido buster.


Brazilians Do It Longer

Listen up, ladies: If it’s a long-lasting lover you’re after, you’re more likely to find it in Brazil. Whether they’re constructing a World Cup stadium or orchestrating an orgasm, Brazilians like to take their time and get things right. In LELO’s survey, it’s Brazilians who reported having the most stamina, with 34 percent of people saying they lasted 46 minutes or more. That’s well above the global average of 32 minutes. In Japan, people like to score early, and 45 percent reported getting the job done in 20 minutes or less.

England Boasts the Biggest Players

The British may not have much confidence in their sexual skills, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in pleasure. In fact, a whopping 94 percent (!!) of Brits said they own a sex toy. Four percent even reported owning 16 or more pleasure objects. Who needs soccer with all that excitement in the house? (But did you know that a man is more likely to buy his partner a sex toy if there's a major sporting event takig place? Learn more in 5 Reasons Why Your Partner Just Bought You a Sex Toy.)


It’s a Beautiful Game!

Forget soccer, here’s something worth cheering about: 79 percent of the survey’s respondents say they’re satisfied with their sex lives!


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