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5 Sweet Sex Positions, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Published: FEBRUARY 3, 2022 | Updated: MAY 15, 2024
These five super-sweet positions are perfect for Valentine's day. Strawberries and whipping cream are optional.

Maybe you aren't into heart-shaped cards or candy, but Valentine's day comes with other, less commercial, perks: It's a great day for getting laid. It's a day that warrants the mind-blowing, sweat-dripping intimate sex we all want but don't always make time for. It may even involve strawberries, dark chocolate, whipping cream and sex toys!


Sounds sweet enough, right? It gets better. Here are five hand-picked, tried-and-tested positions (plus toys to enhance them!) to ensure that your February 14th play date is one that ticks all your boxes.

The Blind Hole Sex Position

Blind Hold Position. The penetrating partner sits on the ground with their legs crossed at the ankles. The receiving partner sits on top of the penetrating partner and embraces them closely as they have intercourse.

The blind hole position is intimate, face-to-face and lets you take things slow. This position has intimacy locked in all round! After all, isn't that what a Valentine's Day kiss should be all about?

If the penetrating partner needs more back support, feel free to try this position up against the wall or a soft couch. If the receiver needs more knee support, don't forget about the magic of fluffy pillows!


(P.S. If using a strapless strap on, this position can help provide some intense g-spot stimulation for the strapless wearer!)

Toys to Try: If you want to turn up the heat on this one, try a simple cock ring like the Fun Factory NOS or Nexus Simul8 for added vibrations that will stimulate the two of you. With this stationary coupling, this sex position also is one of your best options to add in additional stimulation like a butt plug or prostate massager. The grinding nature of this position can help toys like the Thump-It or b-Vibe Snug Plug stay within the body while you enjoy each other.

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The Cornerback Sex Position

The Cornerback Sex Position. The receiving partner lays down and spreads their legs. The penetrating partner comes in at a 90-degree angle to slide inside at the perfect angle for g-spot or p-spot stimulation.

The Cornerback position takes a little work to get into, but that makes it all the more satisfying. Plus, staring deep into each other's eyes makes it even hotter. We recommend doing this one on a soft surface (like a bed!) to reduce the pressure on the receiver's thighs.

Toys to Try: Give couple's vibrators a try with this one. A typical U-shaped couple's vibe (like the We-Vibe Chorus) can be fantastic in this position. With the space between you, this can also be a good time to experiment with other types of couple's vibrators like the Wild Flower Enby 2, Satisfyer Multifun 3, or Satisfyer Endless Love. With your hands free, you can try these couple's vibes on different erogenous zones while simultaneously enjoying the meeting of your hips. (If you've been wanting to explore electrosex during penetration, the hands-free nature of this position makes it a good choice too!)

The Hooked In Sex Position

Hooked In Sex Position. Both partners are kneeling with the penetrating partner behind the receiving partner. The penetrating partner wraps their arms under the receiver's armpits to pull them in for deeper penetration during sex.

The hooked in anal sex position provides a seriously hot Valentine's day cuddle - and some significant intensity. Since this leaves both partner's hands free, it's the perfect sex position to add in sex toys - or some manual stimulation to ensure both partners enjoy themselves. What's not to love?


With the ability to easily stimulate the receiving partner, this sex position can be a great choice if you're trying to achieve simultaneous orgasms, too!

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Toys to Try: With all of the extra space left in front of the receiving partner, it's easy to add in sex toys to increase the receiver's pleasure - and ensure everyone leaves with some amazing orgasms. Consider penis strokers (like the Tenga Spinner or the Satisfyer Men Wand) or clitoral vibrators (like the FemmeFunn Dioni or the We-Vibe Tango X). You can also get creative with sex furniture to stimulate the receiving partner hands-free! (The Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog and Liberator Axis would make perfect partners for this position!)


The 69 Sex Position

diagram of the 69 oral sex position - one partner lays down and the other straddles their face, then positions themselves face-to-crotch. Both partners perform oral sex on each other.

As the most democratic of sex positions, 69 is perfect for Valentines day. Not only is it a rare treat for many, but it makes sure you both get simultaneous pleasure - and who doesn't like that?

Want more support - or want to try something more adventurous? 69 is possible with a sex swing, too!

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Toys to Try: Ensure everybody has a great time by adding in sex toys as needed! If one partner requires a bit more stimulation to orgasm, consider placing that partner on top. That way, the laying partner will have their hands free for additional pleasure from sex toys. While you probably won't be able to fit your wand massager between your bodies, dildos or anal toys could be an option - as well as smaller vibrators like a cock ring or bullet vibrator.

The Tuck Knee Sex Position

Tuck Knee Sex Position. The receiving partner is laying on their back with their hips elevated in the air. The penetrating partner is on their knees, hips connected with the receiving partner, as they use their body weight to keep the receiving partner's hips in the air.

The tuck knee position goes deep. Way deep. And it's hard work for the giver - and a stretch for the receiver. But Valentine's Day makes the best excuse to pull out those adventurous sex positions - and try something new with the one you're with.

Don't forget about Liberator sex furniture if the receiver could use a helpful boost to keep their hips in the air. The Liberator Wedge would instantly elevate the hips here and reduce strain on the receiver's muscles. (Also available in a Plus Wedge too!)

Toys to Try: Feeling adventurous? The Tuck Knee sex position really lends itself well to various forms of bondage, too! An Under the Bed Restraint system can be your BFF for keeping the receiver's wrists firmly on the bed while the Sportsheets Sex Sling can be a helpful hand in keeping the receiver's legs elevated. This can also be a great time to experiment with rope bondage (like with the Kinklab bondage rope) or other kinky restraints.

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