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5 Super Easy (And Fun!) Sex Positions for Beginners

Published: JULY 7, 2022 | Updated: JULY 21, 2022
Sex should be about pleasure and not trying to contort your body into the most challenging positions possible. It should also be accessible for all of us—non-disabled or disabled.

If you're a regular at Kinkly, you know we love suggesting all manner of sex positions for you to try out—from the simply wonderful to the extremely wild. (And if you're new here, welcome!)


But while getting into complex positions and (hopefully) getting the most out of them can be a kick and a half, sometimes you have to appreciate the basics. Plus, not all sex positions are accessible to all bodies—and that's totally OK!

So, we've put together this list of simple sex positions. These positions are great for newcomers to partner sex and they can make for an amazingly effective way to better understand your body as well as your partner's—particularly how well they fit together.

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Have fun getting back to basics with these five super easy and oh-so-pleasurable positions for beginners—or anyone who understands sex doesn't have to be complicated or demanding to be amazing:

1. Missionary Position

Missionary Sex Position: the receptive partner lies on their back while the penetrating partner lays on top of them and penetrates them.

Unfortunately, our first entry has received a very undeserved bad rap for being "unimaginative."


To which we say we say (excuse our French) poppycock!

Please don't buy into all that negativity towards the missionary position. There's a lot of pleasure to be had with one partner stretched out on their back and another partner on top of them!

Along with both sets of genitals receiving mutual attention, Missionary allows for kissing, caressing chests, and playing with and/or sucking nipples—and after things reach their orgasmic peak, it's easy-peasy for everyone to drift into a sensually relaxing embrace. Missionary position is also one of the easiest and most accessible positions for disabled or people with chronic pain because it doesn’t require a lot of moving around. From an accessibility standpoint, we give missionary an A+.


How to Make It Better

A simple sling or strap can do wonders for maneuvering into a bunch of different, and far more comfortable, penetrative angles. Also, talk with your partner(s) about what is and isn’t possible if you live with disability and chronic pain.

The Super Sex Sling from Sportsheets is ideal for this very thing.

2. Doggy Style Position

Doggy style sex position: a rear-entry sex position in which the receiving partner crouches down on all fours.


Woof woof! There's a good reason why this position remains at the top of practically everyone's favorites list: It provides excellent access to the receiver's genitals or anus—which is why it's one of the most popular anal sex positions.

Moreover, with the use of some strategically placed pillows under the receiving partner, you can make it easier for them to get whatever the penetrator's packing.

If there's a downside to the doggy style position, it's that both parties can't smooch or have access to each other's chest or nipples. Though, considering everything else it has going for it, that's a more-than-fair trade off. We can also appreciate that, for a lot of people with chronic pain and disability, this position is just not possible no matter what you do—and that is OK.


How to Make It Better

The penetrating partner can increase the intensity of their thrusts by gripping their partner's thighs.

If you're worried this might put undue strain on their hips, you might try using a doggie strap, like this one from Sportsheets. The doggie strap provides more leverage for the penetrating partner, making this already fantastic position extra exciting and ultra-comfortable.

3. Scissor Position

Scissor sex position: both partners lay perpendicular to each other with legs crossing over each other.

Despite occasionally being a tad tricky to get into if one partner is equipped with a penis, the scissor position is a whole lotta fun.

For example, people with lower back problems often swear by how it takes a lot of strain off that body part—and when everyone's done or ready for a break, Olympic-certifying gymnastics aren't necessary to get out of it.

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To begin, both parties lay together, either facing each other or with one of them facing in the opposite direction.

Then, line up everyone's genitals to where they make as much pleasurable contact as possible.

Every so often, this might mean shifting into a sort of sexual "cross" instead of a scissor shape, but—as with every position we've ever suggested—please don't think there's a certified, dyed-in-the-wool right or wrong way to do it. For a lot of people with disability and chronic pain, this position will not be possible—and we get that. However, if you do want to give it a go, talk with your partner about pain and positioning that does and doesn't work for you.

As always, communicate with your partner, have a blast with some trial-and-error positioning and make this position your own.

How to Make It Better

As both partners' hands are free in this position, the scissor position offers lots of room for sex toys like the Peace Vibe from Sportsheets. It's compact, powerful and bonafide amazing for delivering an impressive array of sexual stimulations.

Also, pillows—lots of pillows—could help with chronic pain. Snacks and water, too!

4. Rider on Top/Cowgirl

The cowgirl position: the giver lies down and the receiving partner straddles their partner and sits in a kneeling position, with their legs on either side of their partner’s hips.

Arguably the most challenging position to do—for the person on the bottom, that is—the rider on top position is totally worth the effort. The bottom position might be the easiest for any partners with limited mobility.

Arguably the biggest perk of this position is that thrusting can come from the on-top partner as well as the one on the bottom—whatever works best! If you are on the bottom and unable to thrust due to disability, your partner can sit atop you and still find ways to access pleasure through things like making out.

Another advantage is how the riding partner can experience a powerful feeling of sexual control, while their jolt of erotic power may provide the partner under them with a nice, juicy submissive rush.

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How to Make It Better

By changing the angle of your legs, the bottom partner can add a variety of uniquely stimulating elements to this position—and the Sportsheets Sex Sling is just the thing to help! Communicate throughout this position to ensure everyone is comfy.

5. Oral Sex Positions

The 69 oral sex position: one partner lays down and the other straddles their face, then positions themselves face-to-crotch. Both partners perform oral sex on each other.

When in search of super easy erotic activities, don't forget the passionate application of lips, tongue, throat and (every so often) teeth to your partner's genitals.

Always adaptable and forever interesting, oral sex is the ultimate beginner's sex position—and all it takes is for each partner to share what combo of mouth, vagina, penis, or anus will put the biggest smile on their face. Oral sex is always a great way to make sex accessible if you have a disability. Andrew Gurza, Disability Awareness Consultant, often jokes: “I can’t walk, but I sure can use my mouth!”

For some, the pinnacle of oral play can be the mutually beneficial delights of the 69 position: where everyone gets their cake and eats it too!

How to Make It Better

Spice up your favorite oral sex position with a dab of flavored warming lube!

Final Thoughts

If there's a lesson to be learned here, it's this: Sex should be about pleasure and not trying to contort your body into the most challenging positions possible. It should also be accessible for all of us—non-disabled or disabled.

Because, simple or not, new to it or with a great deal of experience, having a great time is the only thing that matters!

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