5 Nice – and Naughty – Ways to Satisfy Your Inner Exhibitionist

Published: AUGUST 16, 2013 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
Let your inner exhibitionist loose and have some sexy outdoor fun!

It’s exhibitionist’s season!


The sizzling heat, beautiful weather, and long summer nights are all perfect reasons to let your inner exhibitionist loose and have some sexy outdoor fun!

Here are some tips to make what's left of summer extra hot. (Why not stay indoors? Find out in Summer Lovin': 3 Reasons Why We Love Outdoor Sex.)

Sex on the Beach

Not only is it my favorite alcoholic beverage, but it happens to be a great place for outdoor sex.

If You're Nice ...


During those beautiful, painted sunsets find a secluded part of the beach and enjoy a dinner picnic before making passionate love. It sounds right out of a romance novel, huh? What is more sexy and sensual than champagne and the sound of waves crashing on the beach?


Midnight strolls under the stars are also a great lead-in to a passion-filled night. Going after all the children and families have packed up for the day is ideal. Also watch out for cops: They regularly patrol the beach for exactly the type of activity you might have in mind.

If You're Naughty ...


If you don’t mind getting a few stares from passersby, day-time beach sex sessions may be your thing. Do find a more secluded spot, though, and one away from children.

The Car

The car is perfect for sex-on-the-go, and it's oh-so-convenient when you can’t find a private locale. Practice your car Kama Sutra and find ways to bend and twist into comfortable positions in a tight squeeze.

If You're Nice ...


Stay inside the car with the windows rolled up and park the car in a semi-secluded area. (You don’t want to be too secluded, or nosy cops will find you suspicious … trust me, I know).

If You're Naughty ...


Use the outside of the car. The front hood, the top of the trunk ... the options are limitless. The hood of the car is awesome for plank and missionary positions, and the trunk for doggy style.

Your Own Backyard

Nothing is more comfortable than familiarity and what's more familiar than your own backyard?

If You’re Nice ...

Sneak out late at night and heat things up behind the house without even turning on the barbecue.

If You're Naughty ...

The front yard, terrace and balcony are great for thrill-seekers.

Become One with Nature

Several studies show that being outside is good for you. So is sex. Combine them and you might really do your health - and your sex life - a favor. The woods, meadows, forests and natural parks near you are great for hiking, biking, relaxing ... and a lot more.

If You're Nice ...

Pitch a tent and get nasty in the woods. Or find an off-the-beaten-road location off of a hiking trail and do the deed there. Just make sure you can find your way back to the trail.

If You’re Naughty ...

If you enjoy a thrill, a pit-stop near popular hiking, biking and running trails may be perfect for enjoying some public private time. Just be sure to stay off the trail - you don’t want to interrupt other people's workouts ... it’s only polite.

The Pool

The local or your own private pool can provide you with a great way to cool off - and get off.

If You're Nice ...

Private pools in condos or your backyard are ideal for finding a quiet time to meet.

If You're Naughty ...

Consider skinny dipping or sneaking in to a pool after it's closed. Be careful though - sex in a public pool is the kind of thing people get arrested for (and so is trespassing).

Have a sexy summer! For more hot tips, check out "Sex In a Tent: A Wild Couple's Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature."

Kitty Nelson

Kitty is a Toronto-based freelance writer with a degree in psychology and human sexuality. She is extremely interested in the world of sexuality and finding ways to bring a more positive and open-minded view to the world on the topic of sex and sees sexual education as her calling

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