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5 High-Tech Ways to Enjoy Mutual Masturbation

Published: JULY 13, 2023 | Updated: MAY 16, 2024
Hardworking engineers are slaving away to make sure your sex life is hotter than ever. 

The sex of the future is now here. You've probably already taken advantage of some of these new, orgasmic benefits during your solo pleasure sessions. I'm talking about rechargeable sex toys, automated movements, remote controlled play and more.


But did you know that there are even more advanced features that can enhance your mutual masturbation sessions?

In fact, I'd say it could downright change them for the better!

Gone are the days where "mutual masturbation" simply meant touching yourselves while watching your partner. While that's still hot AF in its own right, there are now so many high-tech ways to explore mutual masturbation.


Let's explore!

Connect with Your Favorite Videos in a Whole New Way

The world of sex technology constantly amazes me every new day.

One of the latest advances is the ability to synchronize your favorite toys to online pornography.


If you both enjoy watching online videos together, this means that your toys can synchronize to the action on the screen while you're enjoying yourselves. Especially for couples who are turned on by the idea of another person joining you in the bedroom, seeing your partner get "pleasured" by the porn star on the TV screen can be really, really hot!

The KIIROO KEON is usually one of my first recommendations for couples looking to explore this play. It's a powerful machine that moves a penis stroker up and down with no need for the user to move a muscle. As an added bonus, when you want to explore even more ways to play, the app also allows for your partner to remote control the KEON. (Want to learn more? Check out our review of the KIIROO KEON.)

(If you both are audio
erotica aficionados, that's a "yes!" too! Many app-controlled sex toys will synchronize their stimulation to audio tracks played off your phone. Simply get ahold of the audio erotica .mp3, and your vibrator may be able to stimulate you in time with the reader's voice. Yum!)


Sync Your Toys Together

Do you both enjoy the pleasure sex toys can provide? Not only can be it be fun to watch your partner use a sex toy, but the sensations aren't anything to scoff at either!

Did you know that some sex toys can connect to one another to synchronize the stimulation between the two toys? Your partner can feel exactly what you're feeling when the two of you are across the room - or even across the country!

KIIROO Pearl2+ vibrator leaning up against the KIIROO Onyx+ penis stroker sleeve | Kinkly ShopThe KIIROO Onyx+ and Pearl2 couple's set; both toys to get you started with some nice savings! To explore how amazing online interactivity can be, you simply have to get your hands on a KIIROO toy. The entire KIIROO line offers interactivity with one another. The exact sensations you can share will vary based on which toys you use. For example, if you pair the KIIROO Onyx+ with the Pearl 3 vibrator, the Onyx+'s internal rings will tighten and release in tandem with the movements of the Pearl 3 vibrator.


Every time the Pearl 3 slips inside, the Onyx+ will tighten to simulate a stroke at the same time. Faster movements from the Pearl 3 mean faster movements on the KIIROO Onyx+ for pleasure that builds upon itself as you both climb higher and higher.

It's amazing what technology can do!

There are other great options too. The Together Toy makes for interactive, dual penetration with a partner. The pressure sensitive sensors in each end of the toy pick up on the tightening of internal muscles - and causes the vibrations on the opposing end to vibrate gentler (or stronger!) in response! Talk about a cool way to feel exactly what your partner is feeling!


X-Ray image shows the vibration motor locations on the Together Toy Shared Vibrator for Couples. There's one motor in each side of the insertable shafts and one motor that's shared between both flutter vibrators in the middle. | Kinkly Shop

The Lovense Max 2, Nora, and Calor connect to one another to easily synchronize sensations - even if you're hundreds of miles apart! The stroker's squeezing and vibrations will synchronize to the swirling of the Nora - and vice versa! - for a feedback loop that lets you both share your pleasure.

Remote-Controlled Fun

I'd be really impressed if you've never seen a romantic comedy that features a panty vibrator. People can't get enough of them - and for a good reason: they're approachable, and they're hot.

A decade ago, trying to use a remote controlled underwear vibrator was an exercise in patience. Now, improvements in technology have made remote controlled vibrators more affordable and much more reliable. In fact, quite a few sex toys are now controllable via an app on your cell phone, eliminating the need to hold a "suspicious" remote in your hands in the middle of a restaurant.

If you want to go the manual route, though, those physical remote options still exist - and make it easy to completely ignore your cell phone and focus on your partner.

If you're public play champs, these remote-controlled options can head out on the town with you (I recommend louder establishments!), but there's no rule against using them at home. Swap remotes and cook an elaborate dinner together. Spice up your "work from home" day. Make "breakfast in bed" transition seamlessly to spending the rest of the morning in bed together.

(For best results, I always recommend wearing the thinnest clothing possible! This isn't the time to pull out your heavy denim jeans and wool coat. The
less fabric between the remote and the vibrator, the better your results!)

Share a Sex Machine

What's more high-tech than a sex machine? We're not sure anything is!

Sex machines take everything that's amazing about penetration and make it available at the touch of a button - for as long, fast, and hard as you want it.

Watching your partner enjoy that on-demand thrusting can be hot - especially if you're the one who holds the controls for that sex machine.

With the magic of technology, you don't even have to be in the same room as the sex machine to control it. The Lovense Sex Machine allows for cell phone control of the sex machine for play that's never tethered by remote cords.

Of course, advanced technology comes with a price, and if you're always planning your mutual masturbation sessions for the same room, the physical remote of the Cloud 9 Portable Power Thruster might be a better fit.

If full-scale sex machines are out of the budget right now, consider a thrusting vibrator like the Sundaze, Thump-It or Cadenza to fill the gap in the meantime. While they aren't as hands-free as their gigantic counterparts, they still provide orgasmic movement within straining the receiver.

And as a bonus, they're much, much more portable too! You won't have to move furniture around just to enjoy a mutual masturbation session. ;)

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Long-Distance Connection

Your sexual connection doesn't have to be put on hold just because your bodies are physically apart. Teledildonics are here to the rescue again!

Almost all cell phone controlled sex toys can be used online with anyone from around the world; all you both need is an internet connection and an account with the manufacturer's app.

You both simply sign into the app after one (or both!) of you have connected your toy to the app. From there, most apps provide a video and chat functionality to sext one another while you simultaneously share control of your sex toy!

Even if you're apart, you both can still share mutual masturbation (and mutual orgasms!) with the help of high-tech sex toys.

What Does the Future Hold?

Where do you think high-tech sex toys are going to go next? A decade ago, I wouldn't have thought most of this would even be possible, but here we are, with multiple options to choose from!

I'm still holding out hope that I'll see a mainstream "orgasm denial" machine coming soon. A sex toy that keeps you perfectly on-edge for hours? I'd take that!

What about you? What is the sex tech of your dreams?

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