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5 Great Reasons to Buy Your Sex Toys Online

by Kinkly
Published: OCTOBER 2, 2015 | Updated: AUGUST 9, 2021
Buying sex toys is the ultimate choice when it comes to selection, price and privacy. The fact that you don't have to wear pants doesn't hurt either.

Sex shops have come a long way in the last 10 years or so. Sure, there are still plenty of adult stores with red lights and dirty windows and a wide selection phthalate-laden super-dongs. But now, there is also an increasing number of well-stocked, well-lit, well-staffed sex shops that make walking in feel just as comfortable as walking into any great retailer (and possibly a lot more fun).


But just as brick-and-mortar sex toy retailers have evolved over the years, so has online retailing. You can successfully buy just about anything online, and sex toys are no exception. Sex toys, however, are an especially good fit when it comes to shopping online. After all, if there's anything you shouldn't bother putting on pants to buy, this is it.

Not convinced? Here are five more great reasons for buying sex toys online.

There's Infinite Selection

As we've already mentioned, there are many amazing sex toy shops out there - you might even have one near you - but most can't compete with the incredible breadth and depth of selection you'll find with online retailers. Whether you're looking to expand an already sizable collection, or just like to have plenty to choose from, you'll find every brand, type, shape, size and color of toy you can possibly imagine online. Some retailers cater to clients who love luxury brands, other emphasize kinky play-things, while many other offer a broad range of products designed to deliver something fun for just about anyone. A link is also a great way to send a discreet and sexy hint to a partner about what you'd like for your birthday!


Prices Are Lower

Because online retailers don't have to maintain a storefront and sales staff, they can typically offer lower prices than you'd find in your local sex shop. Plus, while comparison shopping sex toys might be tricky depending on where you live, you can easily compare prices and service among various online retailers, or watch for sales and promotions from your favorite online stores. Most online retailers offer rotating discounts on various items, as well as seasonal promotions. That can mean getting a much better deal on your next play-thing. And that might mean you'll be able to afford more than one!

No One Needs to Know What You're Buying

Some people feel perfectly comfortable walking into a sex shop and buying whatever appeals to their tastes. Many others, however, are just too shy to make the leap. When it comes to privacy, you can't beat shopping online. Online retailers typically make privacy a priority for customers, and ship their orders in nondescript boxes labeled only with the retailer's address. As far as your mail carrier knows, you could be ordering anything at all. It'll be your little secret.

You Can Use Online Reviews

We at Kinkly are huge fans of online sex toy reviewers. Most sex toy retailers only offer returns on defective toys, which means that it's best to do some homework to ensure that you get a toy that you love. And if you can't try them first, you can almost always find a reputable sex toy reviewer who has. Reviewers can tell you what a toy can do, where it falls short and what type of person it might be right for. It's a great way to narrow down your choices and land on a toy that'll really make you moan. Many online retailers also provide reviews from customers on their site, which can offer some additional insight about the toys you're interested in. Sex toy reviews are one of the best resources out there, and it's easiest to take advantage of them when you're shopping online.


You Get to Look Forward to a Naughty Treat

Most of us don't get much mail anymore beyond flyers and bills. Ordering a sex toy online means you get to look forward to having a fun, naughty treat delivered right to your door. If you aren't wearing pants when it arrives, all the better. There'll be no one there to judge you.


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